In a way, the year 2021 started earlier for me. I cut that shitty 2020 short.

But no, seriously, after getting out of Matavenero and enjoying fresh coffee and fresh paved roads on the Camino de Santiago, I spent a great night in Bilbao, an amazing day at the beach in the Urdaibai valley, crossed the mountains the next day and slept one night in a dark parking lot in a small town in the middle of France.

Back home I took some time to polish the scratches out of the doors of the Skoda and re-painted some damage in the front.

Two weeks later I took my bike and some baggage on a train to Hamburg and from there on a bus to Moss. That bus got stopped four times on three borders, but eventually arrived in the morning. From Mosseporten I biked over a small hill to the ferry port and took the ferry to Horten. From there I biked to Borre at my new home for the next six months. This was when my new year started.

Two weeks later it felt like my new home. Now I'm here since more than 8 months and will stay until the end of July.

Here I made some pretty good experiences as well, but maybe the time to wrap that up is at the end of this year.