I have a very short update to this post on moving from /e/ now Murena to iodé

It has been a pleasure to use and would recommend it on your #fairphone3 if you're choosing to switch operating systems.

The built-in ad-blocker is really handy and does a good job removing ads, many an e-mail tracker image now don't load, which is revealing to say the least. That you can, now, customise the blocking is supremely useful. I found a few apps trying to sniff around localhost which had no business doing so, blocked. Helpfully, the blocker also works alongside VPNs, so extra handy if you use public-wifi on public transport or whilst relaxing with a hot drink.

The brightness bug appears to be dealt with and now doesn't plunge your phone into darkness, reacts nicely to changes in ambient light levels.

There is little I can complain about with iodé, it seems to just work. The main changes I have made with regard to its pre-installed apps are to use Mull from DivestOS, Magic Earth to Osmand and change the launcher to KISS Launcher.

I am happy to chat with folk, via Mastodon, about it and answer questions as best I can. ~~ #android #android11 #fairphone #fp3 #degoogle

I upgraded my FairPhone 3 (FP3) from /e/ to iodé. In doing so, I upgraded from Android 10 to Android 11, this is the process I followed.