Stop & Search

Unexplainable disproportionality – Revisited

It seems that the reduction in levels of scrutiny, at the constabulary, over the last 12 months may be impacting Stop & Search outcomes in Gloucestershire.

You can use this link interrogate the Stop & Search data about Gloucestershire Constabulary. This official data when viewed by Ethnicity is shown, like so; Stop & Search Chart by Ethnicity

However, a stacked bar chart better shows** the extent of stop & search disproportionality which the Constabulary still seems unable to explain. The number of stop searches on ethnic non-white residents appears to have increased by 20% since we last checked in October 2021 (15.657 vs. 18.882). Stop & Search Chart by Ethnicity

It is also worth noting that in 75% of cases no further action is taken as a result of the search.

Stroud Against Racism still has no representation on the Scrutiny Panel, due to draconian confidentiality agreements.

So, I have written, on behalf of the group, to the Police & Crime Commissionaire. We have asked for a report into allegations of the use of racial profiling of school children relating to stop & search, which the group has been made aware of.

Response from the PCC to our allegations

By treating our request for information as a complaint the Scrutiny Panel may not get an opportunity to scrutinise until a formal investigation has been completed.

Update (23/2/23): Given that the latest Stop & Search Scrutiny Panel minutes are from November 2022, it is difficult to monitor what's happening so I've asked for an update from the Chair of the panel.

Being that the community trigger has been met, we think it's appropriate to ask if the Panel has been convened.

Update (27/2/23): An unexpected twist from the Chair of the SSSP.

An unexpected twist from the Chair of the SSSP.

Update (14/11/23) ** Gavin Hales at the Police Foundation say I shouldn't stack the chart in this way! Best stick with the original presentation of the data. Thank-you Gavin for your unending patience and guidance with the Police data!