Amanda Avigdale

I found this jazz composer and pianist on the Internet archive. Stunning work.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

KASU Jazz For The Holidays

The KASU Jazz For The Holidays show has been posted. A photo gallery is on Delta Boogie and the audio recordings are at the Live Music Archive.

Delta Boogie Photo Gallery

Live Music Archive

And here's a player.

Music from this show will be aired on Something Blue, Saturday, December, 22 at 10:00 PM CT and on Arkansas Roots on Christmas Day between noon and 1:00 PM. KASU broadcasts at 91.9 FM and streams at

KGPL Upgrade

I worked on my KGPL software to make it easier to add entire concerts from the Live Music Archive by using their JSON API. Starting with LMAJazz I've added many new concerts.

Half Halfling by Larry Heyl

My Mother, the midget Fell for a halfling bard Who sang her sweet love songs beneath the pine trees in his yard.

They married in April Which makes me a Winter's child Quite mild for a human As halfling, quite wild.

So yes I'm half halfling From bald head to hairy toes I hunt through the forest Where wild mushrooms grow.

Will I seek adventure Or farm in the shire? Sing for my lady love While I pluck the lyre.

Utopia Now!

On DailyKos Mark Sumner says.

I’m beginning a project. It has three parts, not one of which is simple.

First, I want to define Utopia. A Utopia for today—the best shot that we can make at laying out the design for a perfect society. By that I don’t mean flying cars and replicators. I mean a society that exists in post-scarcity conditions. One where people can find challenges but not necessarily hardship. Where economics offer opportunity, without requiring oppression.

Second, I want to create a path to Utopia. If there is something we should be working toward … how do we get there? If the ideal society is classless, what steps do we need to take to remove class? If the ideal society requires reducing inequality, what’s the first step to shrinking that gulf?

And finally, I want to start pressing these goals, both in personal politics and on the politicians I support. Because if we don’t have a vision of utopia in mind, the alternative is always some version of what we’ve seen before.

I replied.

Part of Utopia for our society is Universal Health Care and Basic Income Guarantee. I will also add Housing For All. How can it be Utopia with homeless? Homeless by choice, I’m good with that. Freezing your ass off because you can’t pay rent. Not so much.

Part of the path to Utopia is bottom up decentralization. A perfect example of this is the rocket stove. For twig burning cultures they provide real help and they are made from old tin cans. All that needs to be disseminated is the information. DIY. How to.

I would like to see a similar approach to electricity. Solar panels, batteries, cell phones, and led light can provide the essentials for living in the information age, off the grid. There are many people working on this. Part of this needs to include lowering expectations about what is the proper amount of electricity for an individual or household to use. (Honestly, this is aspirational for me. I live in an all electric house with way to many computers.)

More info here —

I also see the fediverse as showing us the path forward. Decentralized social networks, like Mastodon and PeerTube can provide a path out of our current corporate social network dystopia. Looking back in history both Internet Relay Chat and Email provided decentralized communication services using standards for interconnection. This is a far better model than the Facebook/Twitter there shall be only one approach.


Hairy Larry

Gary Gazaway Live at The Monkey Bar on 2001-06-30

EL BUHO Tulsa Jamfest The Monkey Bar Tulsa, Oklahoma June 30, 2001

  1. The Phoenicians
  2. Monica
  3. Leviathan
  4. Ort Cloud
  5. Escape from Salt Lake
  6. The Wham Bam Boodle
  7. Spankin' The Monkey
  8. Dancing with Ishtar
  9. Children of the Rainbow
  10. Fertile Crescent
  11. Partido Alto

Notes: Gary Gazaway, Trumpet Perry Osborn, Guitar Justin Amaral, Drums Pipo Nelson, Bass Amerigo Gazaway, Keyboards Scott Murawski, Guitar Mike Gordon, Bass

Warts and all... Terry Watts

Great stuff!

Hairy Larry's Antique Radio Retrofit – DIY Bluetooth Speaker Project

I did a fun DIY project and I shot video while I was doing it. I posted the Youtube here.

I edited the video in Blender.

I love doing stuff like this. It's my new hobby. Got any old radios you want to get rid of? Email

MixRemix Radio

I just did my days programming for MixRemix Radio. It's a daily task. I've got it down to where I can program 24 hours of radio in 15 or 20 minutes using Thunar, Gedit, and the Linux command line.

23 hours a day is music focusing on Free Culture, Creative Commons, and concert recordings.

At about 6:00 PM CT every weekday we play Democracy Now and on the weekends I use this time slot to play Creative Commons podcasts about Free Culture.

All times are approximate. I'm not able to start the station at 9:00 AM every day and during the day they drift. We run on blues time.

Please enjoy MixRemix Radio whenever you have some listening time.

Music, Music, Music

The show Wednesday night with Suzanne and Fred went great. I got good recordings. I'll post a link when they are available.

My composition recital is this morning in the ASU Bandroom at 10:00 am.

Tonight we spend with the grandkids. Now that's music to my ears.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 I'm recording United Voices in the Turtle Creek Mall.

Tomorrow evening I'm recording the KASU “Jazz For The Holidays” concert with Gary Gazaway and Lisa Ahia in Pocahontas. This will be a great show. With the new roads Pocahontas is not a bad drive from Jonesboro. Here's a link.

And then I'm on break. Yayyyyy!

Music at the church and a recital

I have special music at the church tonight (Wednesday, Nov. 28) and a recital Friday (Nov. 30).

Come to the Brookland United Methodist Church, 301 W. Matthews, Brookland, AR 6:00 – food 7:00 Suzanne and Fred

Recital Friday – ASU bandroom 10:20 am – 11:50 am Both ASU small groups are performing and then my composition recital featuring three ensembles. All jazz.

These performances are free and open to the public. Please come to either or both if you can.

Thanks, Hairy Larry