Bebop Beatniks In The Loft at The Edge

5:00 – 7:00 pm today, February 16. Jazz standards plus some original tunes composed by Hairy Larry. No cover. Come get your coffee buzz at The Edge Coffeehouse, 1900 Aggie Road, Jonesboro, AR.

Route 66 – Hairy Larry and George with Mike Lovell, Cheryl Culp, Suzanne Michell

New Jazz In Jonesboro – February 9, 2019 – Recap

A fantastic set of jazz standards by The Ken Carroll Trio with guest stars Chris Isom on drums and Joseph Curtis, trumpet, featured Ken Carroll's EWI work. The EWI or Electronic Wind Instrument is a synthesizer that is played like a horn and can sound like any instrument or go off in a world of it's own. The Ken Carroll Trio included Gabe Waters on bass and Hairy Larry, piano and vocals. Closing the set guest star Whitley Newman sang “Summertime”.

Set list. 1. Black Orpheus 2. Yesterday 3. Wave 4. How High The Moon 5. Recordame 6. Autumn Leaves 7. Summertime

Then NJHB played a burning set of jazz originals listed below and recorded the sixteenth NJHB album, “Nichessa”.

  1. Pixellation by Larry Heyl
  2. Neo Soul Jam # 1 by Joseph Curtis
  3. Nichessa by Larry Heyl

This was the first public performance of “Pixellation” and “Nichessa”. “Neo Soul Jam # 1” also appears on the NJHB album, “Blue Goose”.

Playing with NJHB on February 2, 2019 were.

Joseph Curtis – trumpet Dean MacDonald – tenor sax Chase Hoots – alto sax Gabe Waters – bass Chris Isom – drums Jeremy Jackson – guitar Hairy Larry – piano, vocal percussion, vocals

I will include a link to the NJHB album when it is uploaded.

New Jazz In Jonesboro on Saturday, February 9 at 7:00 pm

Enjoy jazz music at a free concert in the Round Room at the Jonesboro Public Library. New Jazz In Jonesboro presents The Ken Carroll Trio and NJHB, the New Jazz House Band.

At 7:00 pm The Ken Carroll Trio will play jazz standards including latin, blues, and vocal numbers.

After a break NJHB will play all original songs. Guest musicians and composers are invited to participate.

Please use the outside entrance to the Round Room. The concert is free and open to the public. Coffee and cookies will be served.

Romain Pilon, Jeff Denson, Ronen Itzik

I met these fine jazz musicians at a workshop in the ASU bandroom today and I was very impressed with their musicianship, their compositions, and their spoken eloquence.

I am working on writing about their careers and their music at my blog, 21st Century Jazz Composers.

Here are their links.

Delta Legends on Arkansas Roots

A big shout out to Mike Doyle at KASU for playing Delta Legends on Arkansas Roots. He played “Baby What You Want Me To Do” and “Logan's Blues” recorded live on June 10, 2017, busking in front of Gearhead Cycle House on Main St. in Jonesboro.

Thanks to Mike Doyle and Arkansas Roots at KASU.

Addendum – The Arkansas Brothers are closing the show now. I recorded them at Blue Monday in Paragould.

Cosmic Voyage

My friend Tomasino is hosting a Science Fiction writing project so, of course, I joined.

It is called Cosmic Voyage and it is the annals of the human diaspora into the galaxy told in text files. Here's the background.

Humanity has expanded to the stars. Earth is a distant memory. We journey into the darkness not in a great migration--as many thought--but in small communities, drifting far and traveling at relativistic speeds, dividing from each other by unfathomable distance and time. Our only connections are the thin tethers of the Quantum Entanglement Communicator (QEC). These precarious devices bridge the vast distances with near-instantaneous communication, but provide only enough bandwidth to the ancient relay hub for simple, plain-text messaging.

My ship is the Space Beagle and my protagonist, E. Grosvenor, is a Nexialist. (hat tip to A.E. VanVogt) I am not sure exactly what lies ahead but I am sure that bug eyed monsters and other dangerous aliens will be involved.

So fun!

There are many other ships communicating with the SOL System and each other using the Quantum Entanglement Communicator. So I have a lot to learn about mankinds greatest adventure, the journey to the stars, all in plaintext.

Here's the link.

New Super Short – Seventeen Haikus

I just posted this over at SFF Short Stories.

There's some depth in this super short. An optimistic view of the end of a dystopia.


Three New Stories

As part of a writing challenge my goal is to write 10 new Super Shorts this January. So far I've done three, “Sweet Mary”, “Chaos In The Eye Of God”, and “Hegel, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein”. Here are the links.

Sweet Mary

Chaos In The Eye Of God

Hegel, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein

Please click on over and have a read. They are truly super short.

kgpl jwplayer embed

There is an issue with jplayer and https especially when you are playing music hosted on another domain.

Because of this my KGPL widgets are not working on I assume they are not working on other https sites too.

Matt is the programmer at and he walked me through some of the issues I have been having embedding on

Then I did some more research and hacked around on some Internet Archive widgets and got the above embed to work.

This is what I wrote to Matt about what I found.

I still have a ways to go to actually update my program but I have found this to be true.

jplayer supports playing media hosted on another server as long as everything is http. This doesn't work with https.

In fact not playing media hosted on another server appears to be one of the security enhancements implemented with https.

jwplayer is the media player used at to power their widgets. These work fine under https. Of course they are running the media player and hosting the media at

This is why the widgets work under while my KGPL widgets don't.

I can use the media player in my code to play media hosted on Then it will play on and I assume other https sites as well.

This is my solution to the problem. This is not a general solution to this problem. In fact, in general, if you are playing media hosted on another website with a javascript player you will have problems with https. So my solution is very specific to and is only possible because they encourage third party use of their media.

Here is a link to code hosted on KGPL.

Here is a link to that code embedded in an iframe and playing on

I really wouldn't have known where to start on this without your help.