Three CLI Applications I Couldn't Live Without

Hey, I've got nothing against a good gui. It's just that most graphical user interfaces make me want to smash my face through a glass window and swallow the shards it produces. I'm looking at you, Clementine.

Now, frankly, none of these applications need anymore touting or celebration. Everyone who is anyone already knows how good they are. But I've been strapped for post ideas and didn't want my blog to stagnate. I promise I'll come up with something better for Friday.

Anyways, here we go.

1: Weechat

Weechat is great. It is better then IRSSI, and anyone still using Irssi needs to get with the times.

Plugin support is great – mine is configured to not only connect with all the IRC Channels I frequent, but also lets me contact my friends by XMPP, and is even how I post to Mastodon when I'm on my desktop.

It's a great little application, and if you're using IRC any other way...

Well, you're using it wrong.

Not actually. Use whatever programs you want. Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life.

2: Gtop

Everyones got their preference when it comes to system monitors. For the longest time, I used Glances, but got frustrated by how poorly it scaled down in my window setup. gtop is the perfect balance between style and usable information. It looks clean, but most importantly, tells me exactly what's going on. You don't need much more in a system monitor.

3: ncmpcpp

ncmpcpp is the best-is, it outdoes the rest-is.

Someday I'll do a better writeup on my exact digital music process, but, in short:

  1. I rip cds using abcde, into the Ogg/Vorbis codec – only vinyls are ripped to flac.

  2. I then import and tag them via beets, which adds the lyric information and tags them with album art from MusicBrainz.

  3. Then, mpd moves it to my speaker system, which is controlled on my desktop by ncmpcpp.

It seems complicated, but in practice it's completely seamless.

In Closing

This was all a ruse to secretly to show off my sick desktop rice game. Someday soon I'll writeup how that works.

Someday also I'll show off my mobile setup.

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