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How should I do that? Ghost? WordPress? Write.as? Medium?

I have a 5-year subscription to Write.as, so why am I not using it for anything? But what?

I got carried away while consolidating domains and decided to also consolidate blogs while I was at it.

This means that I'm doing all longer-form blogging at baty.net. I hope to see you there.

(of course I'll keep Write.as handy for when I need a cozy break from WordPress, which happens often)

I've been feeling a need to simplify things and I've decided that one of those things is domain names. My days of hoarding domain names, just because, are drawing to a close. I don't want the hassle of managing zones and I don't need the fees.

To that end, I'm working toward moving everything to subdomains of baty.net.


Phono arm and cartridge

Which is right for me, Sreaming or buying my music?

TL;DR: Both


It can take Bare Bones a while to add things to BBEdit, but when they do it's always thought out and well-implemented.

Image files are browseable in disk browsers and projects, and openable into ordinary window sidebars. The image view includes metadata details, and a “Remove Metadata” button is available for deleting image metadata if desired. (BBEdit will create a macOS version snapshot of the image file before doing so, if possible.) BBEdit will attempt to pick a background color (shade of gray) that provides reasonable contrast with the image. If desired you can adjust the background color using the slider adjacent to the image, and BBEdit will remember this setting per-image.

Their release notes have also always been top-notch. Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 14.1 Release Notes


This is the room of the wolfmother wallpaper. The toadstool motel you once thought a mere folk tale, a corny, obsolete, rural invention.

This is the room where your wisest ancestor was born, be you Christian, Arab, or Jew. The linoleum underfoot is sacred linoleum. Please remove your shoes. Quite recently, the linoleum here was restored to its original luster with the aid of a wax made from hornet fat. It scuffs easily. So never mind if there are holes in your socks. ... What room is this? This is the room where the antler carved the pumpkin. This is the room where the gutter pipes drank the moonlight. This is the room where moss gradually silenced the treasure, rubies being the last to go. Transmissions from insect antennae were monitored in this room. It's amazing how often their broadcasts referred to the stars.

This is the room where Jezebel frescoed her eyelids with history's tragic glitter, where Delilah practiced for her beautician's license, the room in which Salome dropped the seventh veil while dancing the dance of ultimate cognition, skinny legs and all...

— Tom Robbins, “Skinny Legs and All

Rereading this, again.


Notebook with drawing Today's Daily Doodle

I'm not sure I'll ever be capable of sustaining an ongoing “meditation practice”.


Office desk As tidy as it gets

My home office environment was getting out of hand, clutter-wise. They say that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. Maybe so, but I'm more of a tidy desk person.


Jack self-portrait with Leica M3 Self-portrait with Leica M3 (Leica MP. Summilux 50mm ASPH. HP5 Plus)

I've used many wonderful film cameras from many different systems: From Nikon F to Hasselblad V to Linhof, Olympus OM, etc.

They are all great in their own ways, but none of them comes close to making me feel the way I feel when picking up a Leica M camera.


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