Writing about something

Write About Something. Not God.

Not God?

(God is in the air)

Let me tell you about this cute girl... Actually – we don't have That kind of relationship

I have a confession: I think I've always liked The song I used to tell myself I hated most as a child

But I can't quite manage; This is all Not not God.

The terror never leaves me now Or that's what it feels like It numbs, it shrinks, it retreats To the edge of perception But does it leave?

That doesn't stop the joy from seeping through, though Doesn't make the beauty of it all less real Less captivating Less here

And the okayness.... yeah, I don't know about it

My aspirations to faithfulness are ongoing

And so I buy White vinegar and microfibre To wipe mould off my bedroom wall

In the joy and the terror

And so I answer my emails and submit pull requests

In the joy and the terror

And so I feed the cat Do the laundry Walk in the park Sing in church Hug crying friends

In the joy and the terror

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil

There Not not not God Is somewhere in there Maybe.