That’s is a good question. There is a lot of options out there in helping to protect products. But here we are going to discuss if you should or not. The first question is what product you’re wanting to protect. If it outside masonry or concrete, then waterproofing can be effective.

If it masonry, is the product porous or hard? If it’s porous then certain waterproofings can be applied and absorption can penetrate up to 1 inch into the product. If your product is hard glazed and non-porous, then waterproofing is non efficient. Understanding what each product can be used for, will give the maximum results. and always check the application directions and follow closely.

concrete is a product that usually should be sealed. Waterproofing concrete is a great way to protect against excess moisture. If you live in areas that the weather temperature fluctuates, waterproofing offers a level of protect against moisture entering that can cause premature damage. Less damage, less cost.

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Why Use Masonry Products

First of all, masonry products such as brick, block, and stone are great and can be integrated into limitless ways. They offer many benefits. But let’s look at three distinct ways masonry products can work for you.


The first, durability and long lasting. Because of that, it is one of the best methods available today. As a example, having exterior brick or stone on your outside walls will make for a lifetime investment. It is what we consider zero maintenance. Brick does not need to be cleaned, painted, or treated. It adds amazing protection from the outside weather elements. It is resistant to damages from insects like termites. And masonry products are not flammable. Because of these benefits, brick & stone have tremendous advantages over anything else. ​ Appeal

The second, it adds appeal. Masonry products can add a dramatic look to a house or building. It is timeless and has never gone out of style. When people approach a masonry structure, they will automatically view it as sound and wellbuilt. ​ Efficient

The third, it is efficient in building and in energy. Masonry products can be used in many areas such as foundations, walls, and chimneys. Because of longevity, it is efficient and does not need replacement. Once it is installed correctly, you’re good to go with no upgrading making it a green product. Masonry products also are Energy efficient. They actually will keep a structure warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which helps save on energy cost. But these three areas that we talked about are just a few examples of just how masonry products are a benefit.

            Things To Consider When Using Masonry

But with anything that has benefits, there’s also concerns. The largest issues that can be experienced is using the right product and installation. First is the product that is being used correct for the application? Does it meet the needs? What kind of maintenance is needed after it’s installed? Here are two examples of concern. First, If mortar is being used, what type of mortar is it? Even the finishing joints can affect how things hold up. If joints are recessed on an exterior wall, how will is affect the wall from the elements of the weather? Second example, a brick sidewalk is is constructed. Questions might be will you use grounding joints? If so, how will living in an environment with snow and ice on the surface affect the sidewalk? ​

                  Do research

Doing research on the topic of masonry is a great idea. If you’re going to hire a company to repair any masonry projects, make sure to ask questions. If there is maintenance, what is it? What are my options? Good communication is the key in all projects.