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DragonBall VA Stephanie Nadolny

S2 EP62

Voiceacting as a practice stands to show us how sound can really portray characters. Join as I have casual conversation with Stephanie Nadolny about her voiceacting career and little bit in singing before VA work. We are discussing differences in technologies in the industry, techniques varying to dubbing companies, and most of all how a long lasting project being successful. Stay tuned for Stephanie's experience in DragonBall exclusively and overall how the trade operates. Support and follow Stephanie at for public appearances and more in her field of VA.

MC Anime Podcast

Canvas Art Exhibition

Art Exhibitions allow the chance to view Art in public displays. Canvases provide the most common portrays of the gallery and its pieces. It is the eyes of the beholder and how each piece translates to the individual. Overall, the goal of these Art public viewings are social gatherings, Art buying, and intrinsic enthusiasts for the craft.

MC Anime Podcast

Asian Studies: Japan & Shintoism

S2 EP60

Shintoism is a vital embodiment of Japanese culture. It dates back centuries to shamanism to early Japan. Explore some of the different variations of Shinto and 3 styles of Shinto (Folk, Shrine, and Sect Shinto). Anime displaying Shintoism consist of Spirited Away, Mush-ishi, Noragami and others.

MC Anime Podcast

The Shows That Made Us

S2 EP59

TV shows make us who we are and define specific moments in our lives. We are examining shows that define specifically childhood, mid-teen, and teen years of the hosts. Disclaimer, the discussions here in this episode reflect our opinions of shows that made us. Join as we discuss shows like Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inuyasha. Ben Ten, Bleach, and among others.

MC Anime Podcast

Server Management, Drawing, & Digital Design

S2 EP58

Get an inside look at MC Anime's Designer, Liz, who speaks about managing serves, drawing, and designing. The episode will QA and prerecorded audio from myself and Liz edited together. When it comes to running a server, remember servers are communities and professional staff goes a long way. Drawing is by definition transforming art in characters, stories, and other forms of the craft. Digital designing encompassing of posters, banners, coverart, thumbnails, logos, and other interesting designs.

MC Anime Podcast

OnePiece Universe Explored

S2 EP57

OnePiece is a franchise still ongoing from beginning 1999 to now. It is an adventure story focused on the OnePiece pirate crew. You join Luffy and see him start a pirate crew to pursue the greatest reward OnePiece. Tyler Brooke from Geek Talk with Tyler helps dive in and explore our common passion for OnePiece. Please support Tyler here for all ongoing projects involving Geek Talk podcast.

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Interspecies Reviewers Anime Discussion

S2 EP56

Interspecies Reviewers is an anime where a team of reviewers rate different species on the physical aspect. The show explores the funny nature of situations that play out to supernatural twist as well. Overall, this episode will be the controversy of Funimation banning the show, anime summary, and each individual episode synopsis. Join as I discuss a down play version of Interspecies Reviewers PG-13.

MC Anime Podcast

Japan's History From Then and Now

S2 EP55

Japan is full of history and is timeline is unique. This particular episode examines the timeline from Early Japan to Post War Japan to modern society. It is a branching point to other podcasts specifically studying in Japan eras in future series content surrounding the history. Disclaimer, that is a brief timeline of Japan and does not explain every moment of the vast eras.

MC Anime Podcast

Nerdcore Music Deep Dive

S2 EP54

Disclamer: This episode contains strong language viewer discretion advised. Nerdcore Music is an aspect of Fandom culture that has references to this particular interest. It is a subgenre of hip hop that can combine rap and other styles to be orginial music. Nerd culture is in lyrics and sang in the song. Join as I speak with Mike Drop who is a nerdcore extraordinaire and rap artist. Mike Drop is a free style rap artist and performs at conventions and live action shows. Please support Mike Drop at to access social media and personal merchandise and contact.

MC Anime Podcast

CrunchyRoll Anime Rewards Reaction 2022

CrunchyRoll is a prominent streaming website for everything anime, Asian drama, occasional manga, merchandise, and other features. As of recently in the last few they have been hosting CrunchyRoll Anime Rewards for notable anime titles of the year. This year some nominees include AOT, Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song, Wonder Egg Priority, and others. Join our reaction to CrunchyRoll Anime Rewards 2022.