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MC Anime's Ranking 100 Amime (Part 2)

S2 EP76

MC Anime's Ranking 100 Anime list was an attempt to bring interesting and opinions for shows. Let's this serve for those wanting to hear refreshing and new insight in more anime to watch and enjoy. These episodes were a blast to record and I surely hope listeners take at least one anime to smile about. The Ranking was factors of popularity, aging effect, plots, visuals of animation, entertainment value and other noteworthy factors. As we take this official Ranking to a close, please look forward to shows like Serial Experiments Lain, Spice and Wolf, Elfen Lied and among others. Enjoy, MC Anime's Ranking 100 Anime (Part 2).

MC Anime Podcast

MC Anime's Ranking 100 Anime (Part 1)

S2 EP75

Welcome to MC Anime's Ranking 100 Anime segment. This special episode will be 2 parts and is in lieu of the 75th episode celebration. Join as MC and Leia counter the Ranking of 100 anime on our list. Expect the number, our feedback, and opinions on the reasoning in the order they are ranked. Part one will include anime like Trigun, Mobile Suit Gundam, Clannad, Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files and many more

MC Anime Podcast

Dr. Stone Science & Theories Declassified

S2 EP74

Dr. Stone is about the stone age and devasted earth motif theme. In the devasted Earth, a large scale petrification event occurs and humanity is reverted back to caveman days and nature runs wild. Senku, the main character, takes the series by scientific process and knowledge of chemistry to make breakthroughs in technological methods. He leads Kingdom Science into the fight against Empire of Might and continues to entertain viewers in discoveries. Come to Dr. Stone Science and Theories Declassified where special guest Chris, (science communicator and physicist) discussing Dr. Stone and the depictions of science in this anime. Please support and follow Chris at Dash of Science Podcast

A Dash of Science

MC Anime Podcast

Punk Rock & Poetry Combo

S2 EP73

Punk Rock is a movement from 70s and 80s that made loud, quick paced, and aggressive style of rock. It spun their own version and went against the mainstream pop music. Poetry vitializes the lyrics and words for the songs by the singer. These together creates “a chat with legendary thunder poet Jaymes Buckman, frontman of thesparkly rock-and-roll band Hot Apollo”? (~Jaymes Buckman). Tune-in as I speak with Jaymes who describes Hot Apollo, stage performance, poetry influence, and so much more. Please support and follow Jaymes at

Hot Apollo

MC Anime Podcast

Anthology Submitting & Process

S2 EP72

Anthology is a collective of stories usually involving several authors. Their purpose is to create a variety of writings and be in a book form. They can range to themes to random collection but remains different writers mostly. You submit these stories to the publisher and editors for the anthology series at question. Join as I discuss Anthology Submitting & Process with Danielle Ackley-McPhail. Notable anthology books mentioned in episode are Gaslight and Grimm, The Best Of Bad-Ass Faeries, and After Punk. Please support snd follow Danielle at

E-Spec Books Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Check out my special guest appearance on HipHop Coverleaf Podcast. “Hip Hop & Anime” Thanks to EC, the host for the experience and an invitation for this guest opportunity. We talked about anime, Japanese Aesthetics, and 90s influence on hip hop. Hip Hop Cloverleaf Podcast

MC Anime Podcast

Lightsaber Dueling at Portside Rogues

S2 EP71

Lightsabers originate from the Science Fiction genre and spawns from the Star Wars franchise. The dueling aspect with the lightsabers takes the fascination to the next level. It brings the roleplay entertainment of the live action fighting and learning the seven Jedi movements and stances. Join as talk with Austin Wells from Portside Rogues Academy. We discuss what Portside Rogues does, their involvement in mentoring, fighting styles and mixed martial arts, and most importantly instruction on lightsabers dueling. Please support Austin Wells at Portside Rogues .

Check out my special guest appearance on The Femininja Project. It is a bonus episode known as Patience, Practice, Perseverance, and Overcoming Obstacles. I discuss my path of disability awareness, educational journey, and my origins when it comes to entertainment like MC Anime Podcast. See how my past made MC Anime into a reality and overall me being a better individual because of it. Special Thanks to Cheryl Ilov International for the interview and the chance to feel empowered through the experience and let it become more than myself.

Check out Cheryl Ilov International at

MC Anime Podcast

Photography & Convention Culture

S2 EP70

Photography captures the essence what a picture is worth at 1000 words. It creates memories, moments worth sharing, stories to tell, embodies the evebts at hand, and other interesting features shown in the photos. Convention Culture plays a vital role in photography and more specifically cosplay. You can dress as the characters you love and be the characters themselves. Join as I speak with Leslie Madewell who is a photographer and an anime enthusiast at heart. We will be discussing Madewell Art Photography and how it translates to conventions as a whole and the things to know about cosplay photos. Please support Leslie at MadewellArt Photography here .

MC Anime Podcast

Songwriting & Making it Meaningful

S2 EP69

Songwriting is a form of artistic expression through words, sounds, and rhythmic pronunciations. Now, making it meaningful is truly where it should be and leading to songs you enjoy. Songs are written for people’s entertainment, promotional, prove a point and other purposes. Meaningful music really connects you with the song more and gives structure to it as well. Join as I speak with Winston who is am avid songwriter, sound designer, meme poster, and today’s special guest. We will be discussing how songwriting is done and how to make it meaningful. Please support and follow Winston at and please don’t forget to check out Fiverr for services posted above.