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Japan's Nenpō Taijutsu

S2 EP52

Nenpō Taijutsu traces its origins to Japan and combines ninja and body techniques as a fighting style. It dates back to Shinboi era of Fedual Japan and where missionaries paid and do tasks for hire like espionage and somtimes assassinations. The craft is often done with the focus on escape, defense tactics, weapon disarming, body movement, and many other areas. Join as I speak with Cheryl Ilov anout her experience in Nenpō and journey of empowerment as female. Plesae support Cheryl at and read her books like Forever Fit and Flexible and The Reluctant Ninja.

MC Anime Podcast

Japanese Scripts & Written Language

S1 EP50

Language is a very powerful tool for communication and record keeping. One such component is writing and how it makes sharing information via paper and other surfaces or electronic. Japanese writing is very interesting to see and scripts being the basic of the system expressing the characters. Scripts belonging to Japan are Hiragana, Kanji, and Katatana. Join this episode as I discuss this subject with Devin also known as InuMimi (artist's name). Please support and follow Devin at

MC Anime Podcast

What Anime Characters Annoy you the Most?

S1 Ep49

Characters are often given attributes and personalities especially in anime. Though, sometimes the individuals we see are just unsavory and can be so annoying. This episode is discussing what Characters annoys has the most? Join as we speak about Yukiteru Amano, Nina Einstein, Excalibur, Misa Amane, and Nobuyuki Sugou as annoying characters.

MC Anime Podcast

YGO, Streaming, & Game Applications

S1 EP48

Yugioh is a game of monsters, spells, traps, and so much more. It is full of strategy, combos, thinking ahead, and moves that can decide the game. It involves a banlist, competitive play, deck building, and a community to interact with. Join this as I discuss YGO and Streaming with Xilenced from Xilenced Gaming. Please support and follow Xilenced at https:/

MC Anime Podcast

Reinventing The Wheel: Anime Creation

S1 EP46

Creating anime or any series is vital for new ideas to spread abd share among the community. Who knows your passion project have the chance to give ylou income and make a brand. New ideas and orginial series will create stories worth sharing and be entertaining to gather an audience. Join as we invent the process to make orginial anime about our pitch Demaku: Racing in the Shadows.

MC Anime Podcast

Videogaming: The Parent's Side

S1 EP45

Gaming in the household could not be more troublesome and confusing for parents. Non-gaming parents might not understand and think it is a medium that is a waste of time. This could not be further from the truth for videogaming allows entertainment in a stimulating experience just like any other time consuming activity. Join this episode as I speak with Jed Shaffer from Gamer Parent's Strategy Guide. Please follow and support Jed at on one of the following platforms in the link above.

Check out my guest Appearance on You're An Idiot Podcast. 027. Reciprocation and Anime with Maison Collawn and Special Thanks @youreanidiot_podcast for the invite. It's lots of fun and worth seeing. As we discuss anime and lots more about the medium.

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Japanese Duality: Modesty & Anime


Japanese Society is highly reflexive in its animation and culture. The specific topic about society is modesty. Modesty in Japan trace its origins in traditionalism and how they view daily like conservative ideas. These ideas are in anime like face (reputation or public perception), society standards as a norm, and other aspects relating to modesty principles. Join as discuss this topic and get in our tangents about anime.

MC Anime Podcast

Grave of the Fireflies Discussion

S1 EP 44

Grave of the Fireflies is a movie from Studio Ghibli and depicts orphans in Imperial Japan. Setia bears the wait of taking care of his younger sister Setsuko in the absence of no parents. They stay together and bear many attempts to survive in the many obstacles facing them in wartime of WW2 Japan. Join this collaboration with Japan on Film as Perry Constantine interviews me and we share our thoughts concerning Grave of the Fireflies. Please take a look at Japan on Film and Perry here at .

In this episode Zeke speaks with Maison Collawn the host of the MC Anime Podcast about anime, Yugioh and podcasting.


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