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Anime: Teenage Warrior

Season 1 Episode 33

Anime is full of super talented individuals and this is especially true in teenager characters. Teenager Warrior is a repeating theme in anime where they are highly skilled. First, the consideration of this category is not only having broken abilities but also the character has to be distinct from everyone else in their feats. Basically, they are specifically one of the most powerful individuals compared to the general characters in anime universes. Join this episode as we discuss Senku from Dr. Stone, Light from Death Note, Seto Kaiba from Yugioh, and Aoi Ichijo from HighSchool Prodigies.

MC Anime Podcast

Most Impactful Anime Movies

Season 1 Episode 32

We have those movies during children years or even when we are grown that leaves an impact. These movies resonates with us for one reason or another and usually they involve strong influences. This is especially true for anime and how it creates its most impactful moments. Join as I speak with Joseph Struble from DevilFruit Podcast discussing movies like Spirited Away, Pokemon: The First Movie, Slient Voice, and a couple more. Please support Joe and his fellow hosts in Devil Fruit Podvast at

Fantasy creates an atmosphere where imagination thrives and presents new ideas. Inspiration and fantasy is a great combination for both lead to new possibilities with each other. Fantasy in anime plays a big role and gives the spectacular stories we love a boost in this genre. Whether fantasy influences magic systems, elements, spirits and anything else it in tandem with the mind makes ideas always continuing. Join as we have Sarah Humphreys discussing her inspirations in the fantasy genre. Please support and follow Sarah at .

MC Anime Podcast

Leading Through Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 30

Star Trek stands a testament what the galaxy abd team building has to offer. The show and franchise has been a cult classic in the science fiction genre upon its debut. It is not to be confused with Star Wars which is space fantasy. Join as we have special guest Jeff Akin discuss his unique management training through the lens of Star Trek. Please subscribe and support Jeff and Starfleet Leadership Academy at Starfleet Leadership Academy .

MC Anime Podcast

Podcasts and Anime Breakthroughs

Season 1 Episode 28

Audience and branding mesh together really well and creates a successful property. Anime captures the audience's attention and branding of the companies capitalizes the revenue from its followers. This is no different for podcast and their branding in niche interests for subscribers to follow along. Join this episode as I speak with Andrew Davis from PopAnimeComics as we discuss brief podcasting tips and anime breakthroughs in the industry. Please support at for more content from him and what he does on a daily basis.

MC Anime Podcast

Business and Anime Merchandise

Season 1 Episode 27

Anime and business goes hand-in-hand and one way is merchandise. Yes, the intital profit of anime are the sales from broadcasting networks but to achieve success after airing is a different story. Thus is where merchandise comes in its continues the success of the franchise in profits and provides fans there favorite merch. Join as I speak with Ezekiel Williams from Let's Gather Podcast about Business and Anime Merchandise. Please support and subscribe to Zeke at for Let's Gather content

MC Anime Podcast

Spiderman Japan

Season 1 Episode 26

Toei and Marvel had a partnership that will revolutionize a particular genre for years to come. This partnership lead to the creation of Spiderman Japan. Spiderman Japan was a totally different than the web-slinger we might know. Dive into this episode how Spiderman Japan looked different, what connections can be drawn to Super Sentai, and most importantly how Japan differs from Western Culture.

MC Anime Podcast

Evolution of Animation Styles

Season 1 Episode 25

Anime has taken a massive undertaking in its Evolution of Changing Styles. It might have started to 2 minute clips but it found footing and stood strong throughout the decades. If it static frames in ASTRO Boy to CyperPunk elements in Akira or streaming online it will keep moving steadily. Join as we speak how anime has changed throughout the years in terms of its style.

MC Anime Podcast

Hitman Reborn Anime Discussion

Season one Episode 23

Have you wondered if your family has an interesting story to tell through bloodline? Well, Hitman Reborn! is about such aspect of a family bloodline. The family bloodline at question is the Vongola Mafia Family and Tsuana Sawada as the great great great grandson of the first Vongola leader. He is the heir and represents the 10th generation. Join as we discuss his nickname “Loser Tsuana”, what he brings to show, his underlings he chooses, and overall feeling of the anime.

MC Anime Podcast

Nintendo: Pokémon Generations

Season one Episode 22

Pokemon has stood as an iconic symbol of Nintendo through Pikachu and other Pocket Monsters. Though across the decades, it has so far existed for 8 generations. These 8 generations consisted of Pokemon Blue/Red, Ruby/Sappire, X/Y, and many others. Join as we discuss Generation 1 to all generations between and generation 8. Also, starters, games discussed, new evolutions and many more that Pocket Monsters offer.