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TBA Anime in April 2022

S1 EP 43

TBA stands for To Be Announced and as a result it is a funny name for upcoming anime. This episode is discussing April 2022 anime release season. Thanks to the MAL website in having the upcoming anime schedule and other information to the anime scene in general. I will be discussing Yuusha, Yamemasu, Shadowverse Flame, Estab-Life: Great Escape, Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kib... and Spy X Family.

MC Anime Podcast

Asian Studies: Spirituality of Buddhism

Buddhism is a large philosophical practice where people learn power of the mind and so much more. It is one largest religions present and can trace its origins India. Its core teaching are The Four Noble Truths which the truth of suffering, the trith of the cause of suffering, the truth to the end of suffering, and the truth of path leading to end of suffering. These four truths often make the groundwork but it can take an entire life to master all of them. Join this episode as I speak with Dr. Bob Rich about Sprituality of Buddism. Please support and follow Dr. Rich at

MC Anime Podcast

Anime: Arc Number

Season one Episode 41

Arc Number is a reoccurring theme of a particular key number that is mentioned several times. It keeps coming up for the author wanted to empathize a funny theme or continue the craziness of the fictional work. Imagine if “two dragons vanished 7 years ago, Year 777, on the 7th day of the 7th month...” Gaijeel Fairy Tail. This repetitive nature creates a literary device using 7 as a symbol and being important in this particular mentioning of the number. Join this episode as we discuss Arc Number Motif through Cased Closed (4869), Bleach (5), Dragon Ball and Reborn! (7), and Macross (25).

MC Anime Podcast

DC Glenn and Leaving A Legacy

Season 1 EPISODE 40

Leaving A Legacy what does that look like and how do you do it? In the entertainment business or creative field leaving an impact is very important. People want to be known and the content we can use to strengthen that impact is the internet. Join as I speak with DC Glenn about leaving a legacy through wikidata and SEO on the internet. Learn how to cook the Google recipe of taglines and your name on the worldwide web. Please support and follow DC Glenn at

MC Anime Podcast

Horror From A Critics Perspective

Season 1 Episode 39

Disclaimer: This particular episode contains explicit content so viewers discretion advised. Horror is a genre that captailizes on scare tactics and repulsive nature of the category. It drives in the terror and unknown entities that belong to our minds often we might fear. Join as I speak with Scott Bradley from Hellbent Horror Pocast about his viewpoints of films belonging to horror. Notable films we are discussing are The Conjuring, Noseferatu, Jaws, slasher films, and among others. Please support sbd follow Scott at .

MC Anime Podcast

Explaining the Wrestling Fandom

Wrestling is divided two types which are the actual sport and the entertainment based. This particular episode we are explaining the entertainment type of wrestling. To be entertaining, you need a storyline and showmanship of the character or acting to portray the enjoyment. It has such a simple premise that it often captivates the audience. Join as I speak with Baleriano Gaona Jr from The You're An Idiot Podvast about wrestling and its entertainment category. Please subscribe and support Baleriano at

MC Anime Podcast

Anime: Devastated Earth

Season 1 Episode 37

Devastated Earth is a motif or a reoccurring theme where humanity has to face an existential threat on a large scale. Devastated Earth takes many forms like for example natural disasters, disease, plots for the planet destroyed, alien invasion, and anything else to effect the progress of civilization. Anime often plays into the plot of this Motif by creating a totally different subject about post-apocalyptic and humans survival. Join as we discuss shows of this motif like Knights of Sidonia, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Promised Nethetland, and Cowboy Bebop.

MC Anime Podcast

Snarc Comic Discussion

Season 1 Episode 36

Snarc is a half alien and a half human going to Earth. He sent to Earth to get it ready for civilization for his home planet. The only thing in his way is the caring of Earth and the urge to save it along with the Cosmic Staff. Join as I speak with Bruce Solheim (Snarc Curator) and Jordan Martin (Snarc Animator). This particular episode we discuss what Snarc is, how it came to be, cartoons of 60s to 70s influencing the comic and so much for. Please support Bruce at and Jordan at .

MC Anime Podcast

Voiceacting As A Whole

Season 1 Episode 35

Voiceacting (VA) is the process of characters in sound only. The projects of this type of acting are animation, voice over, narration, singing, sound effects, and other areas. Join this episode as I speak with Kris Keppler about voiceacting and career of singing to voiceacting. Please support and Follow Kris at for more information and possible booking of VA.

MC Anime Podcast

DC/Marvel VS Indie Comics

Season 1 Episode 34

Comics in the Western hemisphere are predominantly superhero based. There is one big rivalry in the industry which are DC and Marvel Comics. These companies keep the rate of competition high plus independent comics entering the market who knows anymore. Independent comics or Indie for short thrive on standalone projects and some are Dark Horse, Image Comics, Valiant Comics, and more. Join this episode as I speak with Richard Butler from Rage Works about DC VS Marvel VS Indie Comics. Please support and follow Richard at for more Rage Works content.