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My son wants a puppy. Begging and pleading for a puppy. But he barely feeds the fish (a Betta) that he had to have! And never cleans the fish tank without the threat of punishment!

(I wonder if he really thought I would cook Flappy for dinner!)

For his birthday he got a toy RC Car. He quickly beat it up (in a day) and his little sister accidentally ran it into the street drain. The car was gone! He was being very nice and sharing his new toy and I felt so bad that we immediately went to the store and replace it with a bigger better RC Ferrari!

After the excitement of the new car wore off (the next day) he continued with pleading for a puppy. And quick to snap, I said “you can't even feed the fish or take care of your toys, why do you think you deserve a dog.” (I am mean ... I know) He scurried away distraught.

Well a day later a new negotiation took place, he proposed that if he were to be able to take care of the RC Ferrari for a year without breaking it then surely that shows his ability to take care of a puppy. I said ok, thinking his plan would just go away and be forgotten. About a month later I asked where his RC Farrari was, that I had not seen him playing with it in a long time. “Its under my bed, I am taking care not to break it so I can get a puppy in 11 months.”

I said “that makes no sense, it's a toy and it's meant to be played with; you can play with it and just be cautious not to break it. In addition son, it makes no sense to hide your toy under the bed to keep safe so that later you could get something bigger and better like a puppy!”

And then I stopped dead in my tracks ... wait ... did my son just learn the art of long term investing or the art of the HODL all by just thinking about time and outcomes!

Our chess games must be working!


“From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.”

― H.P. Lovecraft, Tales of H.P. Lovecraft


I don't care what anyone says, the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are pretty smart cookies. It took me a while to put the puzzle pieces together but after coming across a recent article, my mind started to race.

Lets step back a bit and fill in some back story. A lot of rumblings were going on about the Federal Reserve was potentially going to start buying (injecting liquidity) into any corner of the credit market, from corporate bonds to mortgages to US Treasuries to small business asset backed securities. You name it, if credit flows in that direction, the FED will be there!

On April 9th 2020 the FED announced “new lending plans and said it will provide $2.3 trillion in support for economy!” * The FED quickly established new lending facilities to support the economy. Wow, QE infinity is what everyone was spouting, but I have a different theory based on more recent information that was released by the FED. It was noted that today at the end of June 2020, “the FED have spent just $143 billion, or 6.2% of their projected total firepower.” **

Did the FED just use a Jedi mind trick on investors?

Well, in short – YES.

Lets talk about human nature and “credible threats”.

Since the March/April 2020 FED announcement, to lend credibility to the announcement, the FED set up lending facilities and the US Treasury backed the plan. However, the FED only participated a fraction of what they set aside as firepower. Here is the Jedi mind trick, the FED knew that when investors saw this they would try to make some profit off it. Get in before the FED starts buying because when they do the Bond prices will skyrocket. Well true to human nature, investors tried to front-run the FED when they said hey we're gonna step into the corporate debt market, but it backfired, all the investors trying to get in before the frenzy bought up all their corporate debt and the Federal Reserve barely even had to participate at all. A few billion dollars ... whatever.

That's what is called a credible threat, the fact that the FED has $2.3 Trillion set aside for investment is a credible threat that shorting the market would be a bad idea. In fact, the mind tricks tell you to buy! It's genius if you ask me. And the “credible threat” is still there with 94% of the original $2.3 Trillion waiting to be used if necessary.

So the FED didn't spend the money, check-mate economy. Want to play again? :–)




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Looks like the future of payments has started today. I can't wait to have my own.

So I have my own website https://mirrae.com (needs updating I know), but I can see a later day when I may implement something like this


PayID URI: mirrae$mirrae.com

PayID URL: https://mirrae.com/mirrae

Easy to see directly from the white paper, easy email addresses turned into easy PayID's

mirrae@mirrae.com —> mirrae$mirrae.com

But I will leave it up to the true professionals like Wietse Wind as described in his latest blog. https://coil.com/p/wietse/PayID-email-address-for-payments-available-today-in-XUMM/dQlHAvNKe

The future has arrived my friends!

Dog: Dogs are so much better than cats!

Cat: I don't care what you think.

Dog: We are mans best friend!

Cat: But mother Earth doesn't like you.

Dog: Wuuut???

Cat: You pant so much and emit all that carbon-dog-oxide.

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Western Union offering to buy MoneyGram is the latest rumor in payments. I have seen many talk about what and why this is happening and how Ripple may be involved. I have to laugh sometime at the speculation that abounds, when all you have to do is look at prior events to form some plausible speculation.

I am sure it is more complicated than what I am about to suggest, but it seems to be a classic David and Goliath situation.

MoneyGram and Uber released the news that there is an offer to Uber Drivers for a discount for remittances. Where and how do you think the current majority of Uber drivers are transferring money back to there families? Well statistically it has to be Western Union as Western Union is the behemoth in money transfers.

Now Western Union is flexing its Goliath muscles and threatening a hostile takeover of MoneyGram. (At least that is the rumor, no official statements are found) This move is not because they want to use RippleNet or XRP or because they see value in acquiring MoneyGram, it is because MoneyGram stands to take a sizable portion of Western Unions market share. (Their Uber Drivers which are consistent, repeat customers.)

Business is Business and this is one logical reason for the rumors.

May 27, 2020


June 1, 2020


So a month has gone by and a few new articles to update on the Start page I created for easy navigation to articles of interest. Remember that currently in Coil Posts are listed in submit date order.

Well, I was going to just copy/past the contents of the Start Here Page and then delete the original. Interestingly the copy past does not include the pictures or links to the articles. That took a long time to create and to do it over again is frustrating me.

Solution I think is to just Post a new article with a link to the original Start Here article that is easily updated with the new posts and links. So next month I will have just a short intro and link to the original.

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Welcome new readers.

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Does XRP have private transactions built into the XRP Ledger (XRPL) by default?

A lot of discussion on privacy and blockchains have been discussed over the years. In fact, there have been cryptocurrency projects built specifically for private transactions. But what if I told you that private transactions are built into the XRPL and there was no need for any privacy coins? Let's do a thought experiment combined with a private transaction on the XRPL testnet to show that privacy is already built into the protocol.

This transaction is open on the Ledger and visible to everyone.



This process doesn't quite make it anonymous, as when Bob wants to sell the XRP for cash, it would be simple to identify if using an exchange. However, if we continue the process and Bob pays for something by by rotating keys, you could easily argue that private transactions are possible except for the originator Alice and the final individual that wants to cash out the XRP on an exchange with full AML/KYC. (Lets say that is Fran in below image).

Comment below on Twitter Post

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I made a video to demonstrate this process on the Bithomp Testnet link below.



The banking system seems to always get a bad rap in the cryptocurrency and gold bug world. But I think this is a misguided judgement.

Our banking system is one of the keys to american inginuity. The banking system perovides the essense of life to our manufacturing, agriculture, businesses and professions. If you opened your mind to what all the services banks provide, you would never entertain the ignorant minority that protest with phrases like “down with the banks” or the all too familiar “Wall Street” memes.

Lets say you have a great idea and want to start a business. Unless you are fortunate to have an Angel investor back your startup or your Uncle Vinney, that can get some financing (not sure how ;–), where can you turn? Banks. If you have put together a viable and profitable business plan, a bank is always an option. A business loan based on a sound business plan and your sole credit, how wonderful.

I know there will be a lot of people that get triggered by this post. But if you think logically and wiegh the risks to your capital. Would you lend to someone that doesn't have a sound business plan and potential to return your principal with some interest?

Then there is the government. If you are well-informed regarding how our system works, you understand America has a twin system of goverment. Politics in Washington DC and financal in New York. When these two align, America is very prosperous. When they are not aligned, well you have not such good times.

Banking, governemnt and businesses would not exists without each other. No business (which employs people) could exist without a supply of cash or credit provided by Banks.

So let me ask you ... have you hugged your bank today?

Chicago Fed Museum – $1 Million Dollar Cube

If you have read my post The Tiki Principle, you may be keen to what is about to unfold in this story.

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Harry Potter has been a favorite of myself and my daughter for many years. We have all the DVD's (because streaming was not a big thing almost 10 years ago), we have the books, and visited the Universal Theme park Harry Potter attractions. My how the attraction has changed since the opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter back in June 2010. How apropos to discuss this topic coming up on the 10 year anniversary.

One of our favorite scenes in the movies was the Wizard's Chess Match, watch for yourself:

A great article on the scenes background is detailed here: https://woochess.com/en/blog/secrets-of-harry-potters-chess-scene

Chess is Good for Kids

At an early age I taught my daughter to play chess on a small little wooden piece game set at the age of 4. She would always beat me ;–) which continued her excitement for continuing the game.

Chess for kids is good from what I read, it :

(1) improves memory and problem solving skills.

(2) exercises both sides of the brain.

A German study showed that when chess experts were given chess position and geometric shapes to identify, researchers expected to find the players’ left brain being more active, but the surprising thing happened when they saw that the right hemisphere of the brain was equally active as the left one.

One day at the Universal Park we finished the main Harry Potter ride (at the time) and when exiting the ride you have to walk through a store of many items to encourage spending money. All the rides at theme parks do that now.

We came across the most exhilarating item, the official Wizard Chess Set. So big, so beautiful and of course expensive. Well not getting that!


Its amazing how a true desire for something will stick around for a very long time. Another visit to the park a year later and its right there, the chess set sent from the gods! “I want it”. Still $400, so nope.

The desire from myself and my daughter to get this chess set didn't go away after time! OK, time to get creative. A little searching came up for a official Wizard Chess set but slightly different and a lot less expensive. SOLD


So we bought the cheap set. Looks good in the picture, however the board was a flimsy fold up board and the pieces are plastic. The plastic is not bad at all but it was so light and top heavy that if you sneezed, the pieces would fall over. And shake the table ... don't even think about it ... I promise you will die a slow miserable death!

Ok, joking aside, both sides of my brain were supper charged and an idea popped!

Just call me crafty

I can make those chess pieces stand up, just add weight! So I picked up some lead fishing weights for under $8, took a hammer to them to flatten them out and hot glue gun to affix them in the hollow base of the plastic figures.

It worked, they are heavy, feel and look great, very impressive. Bonus: they don't fall over! My cost is now about $48 total!

But what about that flimsy board that is warping now!

Home Depot here I come, lets see what ideas pop up!

Ceramic Tiles, yes for a few dollars a 12x12 square, I could use tiles. So we got 2 different tile colors and started separating them from the mesh material that holds them together.

Now we are up to $56 and the plan was then to make a table and grout the tiles in place for a stunning piece. But this would add unnecessary costs to the project. Later it was decided that if the tiles were separate, I could easily transport and assemble this chess set anywhere.

I have a tote bag full of the pieces and when we want to play, we have a great time setting it up as well as play a few rounds!

Surprisingly, after 8 years of having this set, we still love and play with it. Like just now to take pictures for the Coil Post!

Stunning actually.

So about that Financial Wizardry

We have a cherished Chess Set, with a family story behind it, enjoyment in setting it up, enjoyment playing, mobility and at the same time I get to improve my kids memory and problem solving skills while exercising both sides of their brain —> PRICELESS

From $400 down to $56 to PRICELESS


Wizard's Chess Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone HD - Juan Pablo Torres - Youtube

Harry Potter Scene - Cinefex - [https://www.cinefex.com](https://www.cinefex.com)

Ever have Butterbeer?