Feel Free to Post “Decadeology Anarchy” Content Onto Nonmonetized Together

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In response to the news that r/decadeologyanarchy will go private once it reaches 500 members, I want to mention that if anybody wants to make a public post in the style of that subreddit, they can use Nonmonetized Together to do so.

Decadeology is a subject I’ve been fascinated by for years. It’s a term used to refer to Internet analysis of the evolution of society, technology, politics, and pop culture throughout the years. Where decadeology differs from general historical analysis is that a decadeologist usually limits their focus to decades they’ve lived through, basing their analysis on their own personal perceptions. Another difference is that people sometimes use decadeology to predict the future.

As you can see, decadeology isn’t a very academic method of analysis, but it was never intended to be. It’s just a fun way to explore different people’s ways of perceiving the world.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that up until a few months ago, decadeology used to be more geared towards hair-splitting. You would often see people grouping certain eras with super-specific cut-offs, often down to a year’s season. Or they would analyse really small shifts in society. Now, this wasn’t exclusively the case. Decadeology has always made room for broader analysis, but hypercategorization was a common feature of decadeology.

But lately, decadeology has gained a much wider audience, which has caused the hair-splitting to be pushed to the wayside in favour of more mainstream-focused discussions. Though, I enjoyed reading the in-depth posts that used to be popular. I liked them because they were more detailed and made the community less repetitive. A few people agree with me, and they congregate on r/decadeology’s sister subreddit, r/decadeologyanarchy, which is dedicated to preserving decadeology’s tradition of making hyperspecific posts.

Since I don’t have a Reddit account, I was disappointed to hear that r/decadeologyanarchy said they would go private at a certain point. One of the reasons I read Reddit is because of its convenience — you can see a lot of discussion without signing in. But I remembered that I run a non-paywalled platform that welcomes alternative and overlooked content — the one you are reading right now. Why don’t I designate Nonmonetized Together as a place where people can publicly make decadeology anarchy posts?

This does not mean that Nonmonetized Together will become a publication focused on decadeology anarchy. I will be regularly writing new articles on other subjects just like I always have. If you liked what I’ve been posting previously, you’ll also probably like what I will continue to post on the future. I’m just saying, anybody who wants to have a public discussion on the topic of decadeology anarchy can use this platform to do so.

Nonmonetized Together is available both on Medium and on a federated platform called write.as. Make sure to read Nonmonetized Together’s “about” page to get an understanding of what the community stands for, how it works, how to behave, etc. I have other articles that go further in depth on the things discussed on that “about” page. While it’s important to read the “about” page, these other articles aren’t really necessary to read, but they can help you understand this online environment better. Many of them are featured near the bottom of the “about” page on Medium and write.as.

Nevertheless, I’m not expecting everybody to understand everything about this publication right away. If you make a Nonmonetized Together post that suggests you don’t quite understand something about it, I’ll respond to the post and let you know.

If you feel overwhelmed with all this information, you can go here to find the articles I’ve posted to Medium, sorted by topic. Please note that the list “Issues that Nonmonetized Together can help solve” is comprised up of other people’s articles; all the other lists contain my own articles.

If you want to be added as a writer to Nonmonetized Together, make a Medium account and send me a private message or comment saying you want to be added. Then you will be able to post to the publication.


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