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As I’ve mentioned many times already, I decided to stop having political opinions and motivations in 2020 because I just couldn’t convince myself that my political views were any more important than anyone else’s. Becoming politically neutral means that the pro-life components of my Catholic faith are presented in a luminous new perspective that not everybody is familiar with.

People tend to assume that pro-lifers want to outlaw abortions using state control, but my political neutrality prevents me from supporting that. I would rather make it easy for others to find access to information on why abortion is not such a great idea. This way, I can make a positive difference in society without trying to gain control of society.

I believe this is a more empowering approach for people than traditional pro-life or pro-choice movements because it is centred on distributing knowledge, not on forming oppressive laws. This is what’s useful about my neutrality — you know I’m on your side and that I have no ulterior motives.

Besides, as an eager follower of Christ, I don’t want to turn people away from Catholicism. I want to present it as something people would want to get involved with. By the way, the lack of public religious discussion is a societal problem. You should be spreading your own religion’s knowledge, too, unless it discourages that sort of thing for whatever reason.

So, in this article, I will present the Church’s pro-life philosophy from the point of someone who wants to share a valuable perspective, not from someone who wants to control you for political gain:

Remember that the reason why murder is considered immoral is because it takes away a life, which is the most valuable thing someone can own. By this standard, abortion would be worse than murder of a fully-formed person because a fetus didn’t even get the chance to own their life yet.

Plus, there’s no concrete scientific proof as to the exact point all fetuses become human, so you run the risk of killing someone who has already gotten to that point. You would have to use personal feelings instead of scientific proof in order to justify abortion, which is really irresponsible when a potential life is at stake.

When someone’s dealing with personal problems so bad that they have to kill someone in order to overcome the problems (like gangs, drug addiction, sex trafficking, etc.), people would usually realize that the solution would have been to prevent the problem from getting out of control, offer the sufferer alternative solutions, or find a way for them to be less desperate. In these cases, it would be ridiculous to say the issue could be solved by making it easier to kill someone, like pro-abortion camps would. That wouldn’t solve the greater problem.

So if you want to convince a pro-life person that abortion is okay, you’ll have to not only persuade them that someone’s life isn’t valuable enough for them to take ownership of, but you will also have to find indisputable proof as to the exact moment when all fetuses become human.

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This list I will be writing here is anecdotal so it’s not your responsibility to give these a try. I’m just saying that these have worked for me and that you’re encouraged to share how you feel about them.

Improvising my prayers has allowed me to share my feelings honestly and directly to God. It has also got me more engaged in my prayers.

I’ll question some aspects of Catholicism because even though some of them don’t seem to make sense at first, I will eventually see their value if I stay patient and faithful that I’ll find the answer. This will allow me to get a fuller and deeper understanding of Catholicism.

I’ll view politics as inferior to religion. I should mention I’m aware that political action is a necessity for people who suffer from the current system, so it shouldn’t go away completely. It just shouldn’t be replacing religion like it is now. Politics comes from a narrow perspective, usually one’s own, and aims at achieving power and domination. Instead of coming from one perspective, Catholicism comes from the perspective of thousands of theologians working together to figure out what God’s telling them. And unlike politics, the Catholic Church aims to provide personal fulfillment instead of power. This is not how it appears to people who are not of faith, but if you are motivated to follow God, it won’t feel like you’re dominated by an institution at all. It will feel more like the Church is helping you focus on what matters.

I also don’t dress up for church. Seriously, what’s up with that? I don’t think God cares about how we look on the outside. It should be enough that you are going to Church to learn more about Him and express remorse for your sins.

And that’s my list. I don’t really have anything to conclude it with, so I’ll just leave it there.