Non-Monetized Together #svalien


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Yep, I don’t like it when academia invents obscure terms to prevent the masses from educating themselves, so I’m just going to name #svalien something that describes exactly what it does.

Please note that the title of the publication will still be displayed as “Non-Monetized Together #svalien” because the new term is too long to fit in the title. The term #svalien will be used in the publication’s “notes from the editor” for the same reasons.

If you’re wondering “what is #svalien,” here’s the answer:

It’s a marker I invented to let everyone know that you don’t need to be constrained by politics when you’re on Nonmonetized Together. The community operates in a social context where you can be free from the limitations that your political role imposes upon you. Other activists are encouraged to make their own #svalien online communities to help restore a sense of hope among viewers.

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