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I’ve made clear about my intention for Non-Monetized Together to be a place where everybody’s given an equal chance to benefit. I’m sure some of you have been wondering how I can be sure that I won’t slip up and treat people unequally due to any political interests I might have.

Well, I’ve found that I prefer to find meaning through religion instead of politics. It’s gotten to the point where religious motivation has replaced political motivation for me. So, I’m not interested in competing for power and dominating others. Instead, my interests lie in peacefully gaining inner strength through humility and discipline.

Non-Monetized Together succeeds because it is in my best interest to create a cultural reset where people gain strength instead of bringing others down, where people find direction instead of being led by the powerful, where people share knowledge in a publication that tries to avoid corporate influence. This does not happen by convincing my readers what is best for them. It has to do with writing articles that simply state the facts and offer readers inspiration to do what they want. It has also to do with focusing on the social dynamics of this online space and finding ways to minimize influences that could prevent that from happening.

I want to inspire anybody who’s listening, no matter which “side” they’re on. Why reach out to just one target market when there are so many others out there?

I hope that cleared up any concerns for people and explains why I’m so motivated to work on writing for this community.

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Heya this question is always actual thank you for bringing it up Kevin. But I got a little bit thinking about this problem. I belive that with a certain time in sort of benefit or power, we are simply to use for it. We see it as the norm and even when the whole situation is different we still have the same perception. So there we have this form of abuse of power. I gues rotation or constant consequence can keep everything in check!