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With recent events in Israel, we no longer hear about the conflict in Ukraine. I understand this could pose a problem for this conflict because people’s attention is severely diverted. Support for Ukraine was already waning before the attacks in Israel. Military aid packages are harder to get. Any interruption in weapons could destroy any small advances by the Ukrainian army. There is no magic here, to fully reverse the dynamic in Ukraine, look no further than into Israel’s army reaction to the Hammas. The West needs to sharply increase their support, not the opposite, in order to kick the Russians out of Ukraine.

Can we say that Israel just got their 9-11? It all seems they didn’t see that one coming… it’s such a familiar situation, but in a quite different context… even Israel’s reaction to these events is similar to the American’s back then… and you know what? I’m afraid of what is coming ahead.

From a lunar rover to a plane (probably, to be confirmed) carrying the head of the infamous Wagner group (plus a few of his “friends”), they all crash and burn in hell. I don’t care about the root causes, I have no sympathy at all for Russian failures. The more, the better. Eventually, some will wake up and make a revolution.


The world is watching. Don’t waste your second chance.

#ukrainewar #nato

What is going on there? Who are behind these actions? Where does the equipment come from? Will it last? Is the Ukrainian government behind these guys? How many are they? Will it make a difference in the grand scheme of things? How is it possible to cross a frontier like this so quickly without much resistance? Is anybody home?

So many questions and so few answers.

I’m following the news about this unexpected turn of events with great attention and hope. Now, if only they could go up 763 km north and get to Moscow!

#ukrainianwar #belgorod

Found on Reddit:

NATO has always pandered to Putin, says former officer Samantha de Bendern. “If we're gonna help Ukraine, we have to go in and help them with as much as we can as fast as we can. Drip feeding weapons is what's prolonging the war

Indeed. I cannot see how, today, NATO could be more involved in the Ukrainian conflict. Politically it’s a big challenge to put boots on the ground.



I’ve been following the war in Ukraine on a daily basis since the very beginning. It’s an enduring journey, to say the least. Imanyo much sad and ugly stories anaw so many images from this conflict. Some of them are powerful symbols of any war's ugly side. What I should have done was to collect images so I can remember what Ukrainians went (and are still) going through. Historic moments are being played right before our eyes; we should pay attention as they will define the next decades of international relations.



As reported by The Kyiv Independent, Brazil’s proposal to get a peaceful resolution between Russia and Ukraine:

“Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva suggested that Ukraine should be open to the idea of giving up Crimea in exchange for peace with Russia.” — Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Wow. That’s quite a suggestion. How can a sound man be so sure and trust Russia to bring peace by giving up a piece of land? Who do they think Putin’s Russia is? They already had Crimea, for god’s sake!!! It didn’t stop them from invading the rest of the country! Putin and Russia cannot be trusted, now and in the future. I find this proposal utterly irresponsible and lacking any sense of realism. What a clown.



These are the trees of death. This is what I call them. This scene was taken from a video in a combat zone near Bakmut. They all look the same, only the base trunk is standing, and the rest is pulverized with repetitive bombing and shelling. These skeletons of what used to be trees with thinner branches, leaves and life are now dead in a vegetal expression. It’s all gone now. it will take a generation or two before it comes back. So sad.

#ukrainewar #death


365 days of destruction.

365 days of murdering.

365 days of looting.

365 days of terror.

365 days of raping.

365 days of horror.

365 days of lies.

365 days of absolute nonsense because of one man’s ego.


#ukrainewar #ukraine

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