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🇺🇦 Putin is showing signs of being a loser (as if it wasn’t clear yet), because he is losing, slowly but surely. Sure we’d like things to happen quicker to save lives and infrastructures. But with yesterday’s “speech”, Putin is signing for more collaboration across western countries, hoping for reinforcements of support for Ukraine.

🇺🇦 What is happening right now in Ukraine is nothing but encouraging! I was waiting for this to happen the day we started to help Ukraine. Now it seems it is making a difference. News is coming on an hourly basis from the northeast and the south. Let's kick Russia out once and for all ASAP! Glory to Ukraine!

🇺🇦 I’m going to Italy in the next few days, and I realize this will put me at the closest point to a war zone I have ever been to. It’s still far from the front lines, but as the Russians are working towards a nuclear disaster, distances are never long enough in these situations. My fingers are crossed that nothing of that sort happens while I’m in Italy. 🤞

🇺🇦 It’s been a long time since I posted something here. This morning, an article from the Kyiv Independent brought me into a cheerful mood regarding the conflict in Ukraine. There is something wrong with Russia’s army capabilities right now which looks like an opportunity window for the west. Are we going to take advantage of it? What kind of winter do we want for the Ukrainians? I hope the war fatigue doesn’t take over and obliterate this window of opportunity. Summer will come to an end; we’ll be back from vacations and return to the news watching, hopefully. Eventually, we, the west, will have to up (again) our support game if we want to give a bright future to the Ukrainian people and the rest of the western world. 🙏

🇺🇦 When reading about the war raging in Ukraine, there is so much to read, see and… digest. As it has become the focus of my attention from a news consumption perspective since the start of the invasion, I tend to talk about it with my surroundings. I think they are starting to feel the war fatigue. They look at me with rolling eyes 🙄, wondering why I focus so much on what’s happening in Ukraine. Now, here’s the question: who’s at fault here? 🧐

I feel sad about our reactions to this mess. It’s a major issue that will occupy the political, economic and world hungriness for quite some time. Most of these will have some sort of impact on us, individually. We should care and stop turning this war into just another war we don’t have control over. We do.

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🇺🇦 I feel sad for Ukraine which has been fighting hell for so long and having to retreat from Sievierodonetsk. It’s probably the best decision from a military perspective. Yet, I feel sad for them. For all of us because we can’t stop the criminals from territory gains. Is there an end to this nightmare? 😞

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Dear (few readers), in case you were wondering, I’m still staying informed about the war in Ukraine. Over the weeks, I’ve taken a more distanced view of the conflict. I try not to make it too personal. I’m still horrified by what Russian criminals are capable of. I still wish we, the west, get even more involved to help Ukraine fight against the invader. I guess things take time; we must be patient. Eventually, Ukraine will prevail. Summer will see hot combats, and I wish the army of Ukraine will start to kick Russia out of occupied regions.

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Time flies. It’s been already 100 days since the beginning of the criminal declaration of war on the west by Putin and his team of criminals. One hundred days of suffering by Ukraine and the rest of the world. One hundred days of war crimes, destruction and stealing of lives and lands. One hundred days of redefining the global security, or lack of security, landscape.

How long will it take to end this shit? How long before we can put Putin to trial for war crimes? How long before we reconstruct Ukraine and retake their lands? How long before we learn to not let this happens again, for real this time?

Special mentions for those who participate in letting this happen again: French president Macron for telling us, seriously, that we shouldn’t humiliate Russia, the Turkish president for trading Ukraine loves to advance his political agenda, Hungary's president for being too close to Russia and finally Switzerland's president who refuses to help Ukraine with weapons.

After more than 90 days of this nonsense, this criminal invasion by the Russian, are we starting to hear voices that ask for some appeasement toward Russia? It seems so if you read the story about Henry Kessinger suggesting Ukraine should concede some piece of its territory. What. The. Fuck? Can’t we look back at history, in 1938 to be precise, for god’s sake?

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If you’re curious about my Friday morning routine. There you have it.

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