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Each time I get news from the war in Ukraine and I read or hear the expression “Russian soldiers,” I want to puke. These guys aren’t soldiers; they aren’t part of an army but a gang. They are criminals, rapists, cowards, looters, stealers, hypocrites, dumb, and stupid, to name a few adjectives. They are everything but soldiers or, even worst, humans.

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Friday is coming. Fast. Each Friday, I publish a new edition of the Friday Notes Series. As I’m writing this, I don’t have a subject for this week’s edition, but I have this simple idea: ask me something, and I’ll try to answer in the next edition. Don’t be shy. Time is running up. 😅



If I summarize what we saw today from Moscow, it was a smoke & mirrors show. Even the Putin’s speach was a let down, and felt uninspired. He used fake news to justify the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. He didn’t do what the west was afraid of: declaring conscription or a full out war with Ukraine. He didn’t because he probably knows that he couldn’t. Declaring a war would have been a sign of failure of the “special military ops”. Conscription wouldn’t bring combat effective resources soon enough anyway. Russia is simply failing at so many levels.

Again, for me, and probably for many military pundits, Russia is showing a pale version of its past. We shouldn’t be afraid of them. And we must keep the pressure on them, so when they lose, they will remember their losts for a long time.

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📚 Today, after opening Apple Books on my Mac, I concluded that I’m not reading enough books. Why is it so hard for me to sit down regularly and read a book is beyond me? I do read a lot during the day, but only fragments of things like articles, tweets, and RSS items. I started to read The Phoenix Project a long time ago but didn’t finish it. However, it was amusing and in line with my job!

A friend of mine shared a draft of a book she is writing; I’m only halfway into it. I cannot finish it. Pathetic. 😒

Am I alone with this?

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🇺🇦 Today, I gave 100 US$ to the just recently crowdfunding platform United24. I chose to donate to the defence and demining of Ukraine. This comes after giving 200 CAN$ in the first few weeks of the war. What did you do today? 🤔

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💡 Interesting facts: about 5%-10% of visitors to my blogs will click on outbound links (links pointing to the stuff on the internet). Less than 1% will drop a comment on a blog post.

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🚫🇷🇺⛔If I could block any IP addresses from Russia from visiting my blogs, I would do it.

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🇺🇦 It’s fascinating how the war in Ukraine makes me think about many video games. Let me explain. Looking at some Telegram channels feeding the results of attacks with anti-tank missiles or other means. You’ll find many short video clips with music and animation while a tank is destroyed. It makes things look like they aren’t real, only a game, which is far from the case for obvious reasons. Yet, there is the gamification of some aspects of what is filtering out of this ugly and devastating war. 😟

BTW, many tidbits flowing on Telegram are utterly disgusting. Is this the first war to feel so close to the action?

When the coalition attacked Iraq during the Gulf War, I remember people saying it was the first war to be televised. The war in Ukraine is probably the first one made public on social media.

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This morning while reading the news, I suddenly remembered about Mikhail Gorbachev. He’s still alive, which I didn’t know. His birthday was March 2th. He’s 92. I vividly remember his presidency and what he brought to Russia and the world. One big and hard lesson we’re currently learning is that we cannot take anything for granted regarding democracy. Does he know what’s happening in Ukraine? What’s his take on all this shit? I would love to see him in an interview. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but Russia seemed to have a much more prevalent “human side” under his tenure. Under Putin, I just want to puke. 🤮

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🧐⁉️ It’s surprising to see European countries’ weak stance against Russia and the dire situation in Ukraine. I mean, world war II is not that far in history after all. Doesn’t Germany remember anything from fascism or Hitler? What about Austria? Their inaction speaks for themselves. I would have thought they would be more proactive in supporting Ukraine and trying to prevent another European war, if not another world war. What will it take to make them change their action cadence? 😮

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