tl;dr: There didn't seem to be a straightforward guide on how to create a systemd service for a virtual environment, so here's a quick'n'dirty version.


Foxy was an award winning Morgan horse. This website is a token of remembrance for a family member who left an indelible mark on the lives around her. While she never became a mother, she showed how to daughter and teach and care and trust and lead. Her life is a way for us to remember that our loved ones are not gone once they pass on. Rather they will continue to exist in our bodies and stories as we move forward. Life is not just the time that we spend in the sun talking and grazing; we existed as aspirations, dreams and possibilities before we came into our bodies. Just as we will continue to inspire and comfort as memories once we are gone. Just like the perennials that are blossoming around us now, our ties to life will come and go. So while we bid adieu to brown mare that always knew when to start cantering even before we were done trotting, we welcome in the sunrise and sunset of our continuing relationship.


I started on Linux with Gnome way back in the day (2002ish?). GNOME circa 2002 Quickly moved to a lighter window manager as the desktop I had to mess around with Linux was pretty low spec. So openbox/ fluxbox (these also worked on Windows which was nice to be able to have the same window manager on both my computers) and eventually settling on XFCE. Since I've almost always had low resolution computers (I've been on 1366x768 for 12 years now for my laptop and only moved to a 4k monitor on my desktop a few years ago), efficient use of vertical pixels has always been important to me. For instance, removing title bars whenever possible, Tree Style Tabs for Firefox, and hiding the taskbar by default.



A crown of pebbles strewn about Th smallest thing at the tallest peak A chorus of winds sing from their homes Fewer flutters of crow wings than the amount of bodies would suggest It's harder but quicker coming down In the middle the rocks are about the same size Exiting the stone garden we enter forest as if combing the bristles of a brush Cool mud squishes between the toes of a clumsy salamander Done with our legs we let the circles do the work

1 block makes about 3 portions.

Cut into bite sized pieces, nothing too big or small, you might need to adjust cooking times of veg based on density and size.

Needed: Half an onion 1 potato 1 carrot

Optional: Celery is great Hearty veg like kale, broccoli, daikon, etc Protein: sauteed meat, tempeh, seitan, or tofu Lentils or some beans are super nontraditional but work fine Frozen veg is great, and generally I throw all the old produce in my fridge in.

(-1. Cook protein and set aside) 0. Slowly brown onions, the longer and slower the more flavor but it's up to you 1. Add potatoes, brown for a bit (2-5 minutes), add then add carrots (and other hearty veg). 2. Add protein and lighter veg (celery, greens, etc). 3. Once stuff has softened and gotten a bit of color, add about 3 cups of water/dashi/stock (this will need adjusting based on your veg and how soupy you want it at the end). Bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Now is a good time to through in the frozen veg too. 4. Add curry block(s) whole and stir every couple of minutes. Make sure these completely dissolve, you don't want a mouth full of roux :P Let it simmer once it is all dissolved for 5-10 minutes. (5. Adjust water to get a viscosity that you like, I aim for a thick chowder like texture, lighter than cream of wheat. Also test for salt here, the blocks have some salt but it will need more!)

Serve alongside white rice 🍛 and a small portion of pickled ginger or something sharp and acidic. Enjoy!