reuben is a developer

it's me

(95/100) days of code

what i did today:

  • wrote a breadth-first tree traversal script!! milestone for me!
  • learned how to write mutations in GraphQL. hint, they're the same as queries
  • finally got my node script working for YDKJS exercises
  • pretty active on r/learnjavascript today

what i will do tomorrow:

  • balls deep into GraphQL

(94/100) days of code

what i did today:

  • got that npm script to work
  • learned about prisma and some nice use cases of render props at EB react
  • sorta learned a little more about GraphQL

what i will do tomorrow:

  • choose to jump back into meteor and apollo, time is ticking

(93/100) days of code

what i did today:

  • pramp interview went pretty well! was able to tackle the problem to get to a logically sound solution.
    • pramp needs a code previewer
  • went to Nodeschool Oakland! got to talk to some nice people, good experience
  • explored react router and added it to my meteor pilot
  • started on a Node-heavy feature for YDKJS Exercises. this is my first time doing really node-heavy stuff so this is fun!

what i will do tomorrow:

  • i have EB React hehe
  • more progress on meteor/apollo/react project, since i didn't get the opportunity today, but it ok because i did some other fun stuff!

(92/100) days of code

what i did today:

  • more meteor stuff! worked with MongoDB for the first time (i like it better than SQL already), more in-depth on how GraphQL schemas are constructed
    • (didn't go super in depth today, have plans)

what i will do tomorrow:

  • got a Pramp interview to prep for! exciting
  • more meteor stuff... again

(92/100) days of code

what i did today:

  • created array-helpers.js
  • dove into schemas and implemented a short one into my Apollo/Meteor pilot project

what i learned today:

  • GraphQL schemas, resolvers, queries, mutations... they're not that scary
  • how to create a node module
  • how to extend a prototype and why you'd need to do that
  • is pretty cool

what i will do tomorrow:

  • chug along with Apollo/Meteor

(90/100) days of code

some swing coming back in my step heh heh heh

  • what i did today:

    • finished the FCC calculator project in like an hour and a half
    • finished JS30 finally!
  • what i learned today:

    •, element.setAttribute(), and[[attr]] = ... all have different use cases.
    • unfortunately i don't know what they are specifically and am resorting to trying the other if one doesn't work...
    • setInterval() returns an id (to be used with clearInterval())
    • a little more comfortable with sass
    • oh yeah i used sass in a project for once
    • how to build a sick follow-along nav
  • tomorrow:

    • level 2 react on portals
    • state management research for FIAB

(87/100) days of code

what i did today (so far):

  • making nice progress on Find Me a Barbell:

    • SearchBox and Map are separated
    • getting an idea of what data to present in pending Sidebar component
    • so far, elevating one component from Map to root-level doesn't seem to be a problem...
  • still need to speak with Dharik about what backend he prefers

  • should decide on a backend ASAP (leaning towards Meteor since LUT has a series on it and don't wanna spend huge resources on node/express right now)

(85/100) days of code

  • well i didn't get the position i interviewed for, but i do have things to improve on
  • yesterday:

    • did a lot for YDKJS, feature working
    • toggle component and mobile menu are working (with bugs) on TCIF
  • today:

    • continue with JS30, getting up to lecture 27 at least
    • continue with LUT react course

what i did today:

  • started on a weightlifting-friendly gym finder project:

    • uses React (CRA) and implements Google Maps API
  • to do for this project:

    • figure out how to pull in data from the Places library
    • design controlled input components which will be used as the main score aggregator

(81/100) days of code

  • CSS grid on YDKJS exercises, pretty good QoL improvement!

(81/100) days of code

  • today was particularly difficult to get started, for a multitude of reasons
  • regardless, managed to apply for a couple of positions and do some leetcode practice. glad i at least accomplished that