Rev. Dr. Kellyn Delgado Ph.D.

IT Consultant (, Ordained Dudeist Priest (, Doctor of Simplicity Theory at Abide University (

Who is this Kellyn guy?

Hi there, my name is Kellyn Delgado. I'm just your average guy who loves ethical technologies and is doing his best to take it easy and abide. I have a freelance business maintaining and repairing computers over the Internet which you can find at It's kind of a side hustle to my full time job of managing iPads at a public school which I hope to get out of soon so I can run my business full time and be my own master. I am ordained as a Dudeist Priest which means I can legally marry people and just do my best to take it easy for all us sinners. Of course, living under late stage capitalism that is a very hard thing to do but at least I try and that's all I can ask of myself. I also have a honorary doctorate in Simplicity Theory at Abide University which is also run by the same folks who started Dudeism which is a pretty far out way to expand Dudeist philosophy and ideals. If you're into contemporary philosophy and references to The Big Lebowski and other cultural works you should definitely check it out.

As for my technological background, I have been in the IT field for most of my young life. I found my interest in computers as a child and have always loved the way they can improve people's lives. I've always wanted to help people navigate the oceans of the tech world and find ways for them to get to shore without drowning. At first I started mastering Windows PCs but then I grew to resent Microsoft and everything they stood for. Then I found Linux and my thinking about computers completely changed. It turned out that computers didn't have to be frustrating and bothersome. With Linux being free and open source software, it was built well, highly secure, and community supported rather than profit driven. Of course Linux wasn't perfect back then so I never could give a lot of people a compelling reason to try it so eventually I settled on Chromebooks as my main OS. It was a nice experience, until I realized that Google was using these devices to sell your data to marketers. Now I'm back to being all about Linux and let me tell you, it's never been a better time to learn Linux. With awesome distros like Elementary OS, Pop OS!, and Pure OS, you can have a great computing experience without companies spying on you.

Other interests I have include:

  • Music (most genres except for Rap and most Country)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophy
  • Socialism
  • Casual Video Gaming
  • Podcasting
  • Game Shows
  • Comedy Shows
  • and much more

You'll probably hear me talk mostly about tech though but once you get to know me, I'll talk about pretty much anything. But enough about me, let's talk about this shiny new blog you're reading.

So What's This Blog About?

So I haven't been writing much on my business blog lately but I plan to in the near future. That's mostly going to be educational articles for regular people to learn about the wonders of open and ethical technologies. On this blog however, I will be going deeper. I'll be talking about things like:

  • Dudeism
  • Minimalism
  • Education in the US
  • User Experience Design (I'm not really a designer but I have thoughts on it from my IT background)
  • Simplicity
  • Linux
  • Ethical Technologies
  • Socialism
  • and many more

Basically it will just be me rambling about stuff that I wouldn't post on my business blog. My hope is that it will move my creative juices around and make my educations writings for my clients better. I hope you all in the fediverse like my content too. Talk to you soon!

#introduction #personal #technology #dudeism #simplicity

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