sip this broth and kiss— old souls sighing lavender pleasure poetry.

a message to a teacher from childhood

Dear Mrs. Heenan, Thank you for letting me read the dictionary.

home sweet home

hat hung on a hook a breeze thru the clouds, feet up eyes closed and a kiss.

guilty pleasures

no guilty pleasures— only gilded pleasures, joy blazoned in gold, fire.


a fountain of ink spills blissful blind on the page sea of poetry.

i am alone now or with a cat with a mouse bloody in its paws.

another airport another green tea but green tea at the airport? a first for everything, change happens within change, waves happen within waves heat burns from within

hm a moment of clarity an image of a woman you think of her eyes think of the way she sees and understands think of the ways you do and don’t understand— so many ways so many ways of being so many wavy tresses, string theory loads

imagine being named after a widely distributed shrub with thorns and berries, imagine meeting someone on the internet, imagine eating a banana at the airport, another airport another airport

wake up and cry and kiss and dress and walk to the shop

a pour over, summer solstice green matcha with oat milk then the car then goodbyes then the day then the day then the day.


sometimes when i’m flying i look around and wonder why people think the sky’s so big and great when it’s only got three measly colors— blue, white, and gray maybe— hardly the majestic set of ingredients you’d use to bake a slice of heaven.

P—, perla de Miami, mini conquistadora mía, te mando esta nota desde Mallorca, solo pa’ decir hola y que todavía sueño de tus ojos de diamante y tu voz radiante abriendo tu corazón cantando muy calladito diciendo que estas cansado apagando las luces en el cielo.