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Saturday 15th October 22

Hello one and all. I have a hunch I'm about to begin writing a little more regularly....

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

I'm currently poorly with a chest #infection. Although my voice is returning slowly and my cough is getting better, I feel quite low on energy.

I just took the kids to school, and on my return noticed the #grass looked lovely. So I took some shots. And now I need a recovery period.

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How would you communicate this message if your eighteen year old boy had made up his mind to walk away from everything you have taught him morally, ethically and theologically unless he had a compelling reason not to? What would you say this morning if you knew that was a stake? Because for somebody’s son out there today, this may be his last chance. Now, quit worrying about your outline. Go out there and plead your case like your sons future was at stake. Andy Stanley

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Self-portraits taken with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7. A very good lens. But I prefer manual focussing and am very happy to sell this lens and purchase a couple of manual lenses with the proceeds.

Images shot in black and white in-camera, and then ran through VSCO with the A6 filter.

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My longest serving manual focus lens is the Pentacon 50mm f1.8. It's a close-focussing beauty.

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Monday 27.09.21

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Saturday 25.09.21

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