The Log of the man, the myth, the SinBot.

Extreme ownership. Beam in your own eye.

Orientation precedes presence. Point, then walk, watching your step.

What the hell better have you got to do other than doing your best?

Aiming at the highest possible conceptual good, then striving, solves almost every problem. All in or nothing.

Satan is believing your intellect and it's productions are the be-all, end-all of reality.

Every day you wake up to fight an enemy. You wake up to fight your shadow. Every day. This is Jocko.

Find God by looking low. It's not in the higher thoughts. It's what's in front of you, and trying to make that as good as it can be.

In order to be a particular person you actually have to do things that particular person would do, and take on the burdens they would, and by aiming at deeper values you end up there almost by accident.

DR – positive progression towards new sleep schedule. Better realisation of practices. WR – overall good adherence to principles, even if unintentionally. Going forward – retrospectives are important for accountability, and help guide towards right practices. JP lectures are proving a positive boon. Next intellectual pursuits involve finishing current books – then Jung, Freud, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy. Romance? Marriage being the goal. Talk to girls. Ultimately you can love anyone, and many people, when you know them deep enough, can be worked with to generate a positive life.

As if you ever had to justify anything to anyone.

There are things I think I can do now that would've seemed impossible. There are things I thought I could do then that now seems improbable – at least at this stage.

To become a disciple of life itself.

It was always here for me to access.

The books and the how-to's are irrelevant now. I exist by realising my nonexistence.

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