Sky Starlight

Poetry About Acceptance, Love, and Life

Sometimes Life hits HARD too fast to react too strong to take too much to bear and I have to stop and rest When I do I realize I wasn't ready Life was worse than I thought it'd be

It's so easy to become jaded to assume Life will always be this bad

Sometimes Life surprises me it's soft and calming, gentle and kind, warm and loving Life is looking out for me I realize Life was better than I thought it'd be

It's so hard to take Life one day at a time But I still have those moments of kindness to remind me

That Life isn't always as bad As I thought it'd be

Through ups and downs, problems and solutions love and loss We promised we'd stay together

Our friends drifted away but we stayed together We found our safe spaces We kept on smiling There was no stopping us

I worked hard for you Harder than I really could But it didn't stop me I was in love with you

You filled my heart with joy and love By touching my hand By smiling your beautiful smile By just telling me how much you loved me

Sitting at a picnic table We made promises to each other That we'd always be together That we would work through our problems That we would never stop loving one another

What happened to those promises? What happened to I love you? What happened to all of our dreams? What happened to forever?

I know you can't hear me But I want to tell you What lies ahead for you For us

People won't understand you They'll label you as troublesome They'll keep telling you to try harder They'll make you angry because they think it's funny

You'll twist yourself into a bizarre shape Not you, not anyone A perversion of what you think others want Never quite what you want to be

You're going to get tricked and betrayed Hurt and abused You'll end up feeling so hopelessly alone You're going to want to give up so many times Before you finally see what you've been missing

You're going to find the person inside you That you will love with all your heart A person you will proudly show on your outside every day, without reservation

It's going to take a lot of pain A lot of loss, a lot of heartbreak But one day, you'll know acceptance You'll know belonging

You will hear your voice and love it You will see the real you in the mirror And finally be able to say Without reservation or doubt

I love you My Beautiful Sky


Sometimes my brain is confusion and chaos A balloon of noise about to go POP

I need to ease the pressure I know how I just need to let it all out

Please be patient Please be kind I'm dumping out my brain with you because I trust you

Because I need to let it all out

#Poetry #Autism #ActuallyAutistic