The East Coast of Florida on a Bike

I wish I could tell the story of this adventure in chronological order to make it more pleasant for the reader, but it ain't gonna happen.

My notes, journals, voice memos, and emails to myself are so tangled up in a hopeless ball, there's no choice but to post things as I wade through and rediscover them.

I have no system of organization when it comes to travel stories. I write on, speak into, or type on whatever happens to be around at the time, just to get it down. Can't think about it too much, ya know?

The best I can do is post links to the stories here as they're created and try assembling them properly, for now, that's what it's gotta be.

In this collection I share a mixture of stories – some humorous, some not so much – philosophical thoughts, and conversations, both with myself and with others.


After a near-meltdown in late 2016, bereft of creativity, tired, growing fat, aimless, and failing to fit into a “normal” suburban life, I decided to take a nice, relaxing bike ride down the entire Eastern coast of Florida.

I quite naively believed this trip would be a chance for me to think about life, regroup, and see some pretty nature.

It was anything but.

But it changed my life in ways I couldn't possibly describe.

Inspiration for the trip


Jacksonville to Saint Augustine

First Night

Later That Night

Haters Gonna Hate

That Which Doesn't Kill Me

Daytona Bound

Rules of the Road

A Sign of Things to Come?