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Hi, I am StoryGator and you reached my blog. WELCOME! I am a total slash person and I pack my bag with science, storytelling, talking, listening, creating,...

About all this here

I started this blog (more precisely: the blog “And my story goes...”) as some kind of 2024 project. I noticed (and it hurts) to be a prime example of how not to talk to yourself. “Don't talk to yourself in a way you wouldn't talk to a close friend.”

You're welcome and invited to my journey through this fog.

About light and dark

I was told that my posts have a rather... sad and negative tone. And yes, they do. I want to state, dear reader, that I am not a sad, negative, and cynical person. I am only sarcastic at times. ;)

This blog is not about the light moment, the uplifting self-talk. It is about the other self-talk. The negative turn, when you cheat yourself, when you eat the dice to roll a zero.

I want to shed light on the dark. Not the other way around.

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