Vanessa Glau


Welcome, curious traveler, to this corner of the web!

I write speculative fiction. I translate literature and videogames. I am a Japanophile fueled by coffee and green tea. I practice Japanese tea ceremony in the Urasenke tradition.

Topics I frequently write about on this blog are #writing #NaNoWriMo #sciencefiction #science #Japan #teaceremony

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As my journey into the #science behind #sciencefiction continues, I have been reading about how civilizations advance and what other intelligent lifeforms in outer space might look like. One of the most intriguing questions that science fiction addresses is how and when we will meet 'the aliens', provided they even exist. In The Future of Humanity, Michio Kaku states his belief that we will make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization sometime in this century, so I suppose we will found out soon!


Since falling in love with #sciencefiction, I have been curious about the #science behind it. This week was dedicated to reading and taking notes on The Future of Humanity in which futurist and physicist Michio Kaku discusses different ideas and possibilities for colonizing space and evolving into a multiplanetary species. Everything is explained in layman's terms so that even my non-physicist brain can understand and appreciate the wonders of the galaxy and human invention. Here's some intriguing slices of knowledge about our solar system.