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Merry Christmas to me.

New Computer

Yes, I've started my Christmas gift shopping early. Why? Because I want to!

Some items are now on their way for the wife, things I know she'll like. And for Roscoe, because he's been a very good boy this year, a new computer is coming.

This won't be my first Raspberry Pi. Many rears ago I had one of the earliest models and had great fun working with it.

Old Pi

But when my lifestyle changed (work situation, living situation) I no longer had the time nor the physical space to devote to that particular hobby. And that tiny computer in its little case now sits on a shelf in my room, reminding me of the fun we had together.

Now that my working computer, a nearly ten year old laptop (running a Linux OS, of course) is showing its age, it's time to think seriously about replacing it. And since Christmas is approaching, well...

The adventure continues.

Published on 15 November 2020, ~12:10 Central Time.

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A Halloween Surprise

Halloween win

Earlier this afternoon I logged onto the website of a chess club to which I belong, and I was surprised to find that I'd won this game yesterday when my opponent playing White ran out of time on his clock.

We were playing with a very relaxed time control of 5 days per move, and timeouts are allowed in this club if requested. There was no indication that he'd asked for one; he just stopped playing. That's considered very bad form in Correspondence Chess circles. We call it a silent resignation. If our developing middlegame made him too uncomfortable to play on he could have done the honorable thing and simply announced his resignation.

At any rate this counts as a loss for him and a win for me. And I'll gladly take the win.

The position of pieces at game's end is shown on the graphic that leads this post, and our complete move record is below.

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bf4 Bd6 5. Bxd6 cxd6 6. e3 O-O 7. cxd5 exd5 8. Bd3 g6 9. Nf3 Re8 10. O-O Nc6 11. Re1 a6 12. Qc2 Ne7 13. Rac1 b5 14. b4 Bf5 0-1

And the adventure continues.

Published on 01 November 2020, ~15:00 Central Time.

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