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Now on my desktop...

New Pi

A brand new RaspberryPi 400 that was delivered during the 4th Quarter of this afternoon's IU vs. Maryland game.

It's been many years since I've used a Pi, but the setup of this device was super simple and using it seems very much like coming back home to a comfortable, friendly place.

This will become my primary computer for general home use. Heck, maybe it already has. Ha!

The adventure continues

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Merry Christmas to me.

New Computer

Yes, I've started my Christmas gift shopping early. Why? Because I want to!

Some items are now on their way for the wife, things I know she'll like. And for Roscoe, because he's been a very good boy this year, a new computer is coming.

This won't be my first Raspberry Pi. Many rears ago I had one of the earliest models and had great fun working with it.

Old Pi

But when my lifestyle changed (work situation, living situation) I no longer had the time nor the physical space to devote to that particular hobby. And that tiny computer in its little case now sits on a shelf in my room, reminding me of the fun we had together.

Now that my working computer, a nearly ten year old laptop (running a Linux OS, of course) is showing its age, it's time to think seriously about replacing it. And since Christmas is approaching, well...

The adventure continues.

Published on 15 November 2020, ~12:10 Central Time.

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One down, two to go

11 April 2020 ~ 11:00

Two days ago I mentioned I was waiting on three things: arrival of a new computer, arrival of my federal stimulus money, and a sign of the American economy coming back to life. After UPS delivered my computer yesterday, I'm now waiting on those other two things to happen.

After repeated assurances by VP Mike Pence, I'm confident that the $1,200 federal stimulus money will appear in my checking account next week. I'll be checking daily as is my custom and I'll be happy when it shows up.

Signs of the economy coming back to life are clearly on the horizon. Two things will happen next week: President Trump will announce the formation of a working group to give guidelines for restarting the economy, and the Governor of my state will announce guidelines for reopening businesses in Texas. I'm waiting now to see what next week will bring.

Better days are coming, and that gives me reason to smile.

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