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Blogging changes

Those large-ish ... listed and logged daily posts that I've been posting here recently will remain where they are, but all new ones, starting with today's, will be posted to my new Listed|Roscoe blog which is still very much under construction but which is operational.

The new blog will have (unless it becomes a spam magnet) a guestbook for those who wish to leave comments, and will have two easy ways to subscribe: either by email or by RSS feed.

Links to new posts at this Roscoe's Notebook, which I'm now going to refer to as a micro-blog, and at my new Listed|Roscoe blog will both be found in the sidebar of my website if one chooses to look for them there.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 16 October 2020, ~12:50 CDT, this is my post number 87/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Three small changes

Earlier this week I cancelled my Twitter account. The darned thing had become a time sink of very little value.

Also this week I enabled comments to posts at my personal website. Not that I'm expecting to get any, but still. As long as it doesn't become a spam or bot magnet, I'll probably let it run. There are some folks I'm sure who may be interested in following the Standard Notes posts I've started publishing there daily.

And I'm starting to reintegrate the formal prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum into my daily routine.

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 30 September 2020, ~20:30 CDT, this is my post number 74/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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