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Good morning, Internet

Deep Breath

I have taken my deep breath, and I'm soon to start the day's coffee.

My Sunday is starting later than normal due mostly to an extended insomnia break last night, and partly to the cursed Time Change. But it is starting, thank God.

And the adventure continues.

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I am scheduled to be the Lector at this evening's Mass, so this morning I practice the readings.

With the day's first coffee in the mug before me, my book is opened to the Mass readings and I read them aloud, over and over so my mouth will become familiar with saying the words, with phrasing the sentences properly.

Some Lectors prefer to do the Readings cold, to wait until they're standing in front of the Church with the big Missal book open before they look at the verses they're going to read. I am not one of those!

Given the condition of my vision (glaucoma and compound cataracts in both eyes) it's never certain that I'll be able to see the words on the page when I have to read them. It is more than a little scary to be standing in front of everyone, with the book open and microphone turned on, and have the words in front of me begin to fade in and out of focus and swim around like fish in a bowl. Yes, that happens to me sometimes.

By practicing the readings before hand, by becoming used to saying what I have to say, I'm more relaxed when I'm up in front of the microphone and better able to work through whatever trickery the old eyeballs may pull.

So I practice.

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