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Expect me to be offline...

Broken Fiber

... for significant periods of time from now until 18 December.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post a City of San Antonio road crew is in the process of tearing up, then resurfacing the street in front of my house.

Many of us who live along my street access the Internet via Google Fiber. And the Google Fiber comes to us via underground cables that are buried under the street. The crew tearing up the street are making no provision to protect those cables. They break the cables and we loose our connection to the Internet until the cable guys can come along behind them and fix what's been broken.

Yesterday's outage for me was two and a half hours in the early afternoon. Today's outage for me was three hours in the evening. I spoke briefly to the guys fixing my cable tonight and was told that I could expect similar outages on a daily basis until the City crew was done with their work. That's expected to be 18 December.

So... long story short: don't expect to see me online very often until their work is done. And if I'm not replying to you during that time, it's probably because I've been knocked offline.

And so the adventure continues.

Posted 03/Dec/2020 ~ 20:40 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #Thursday #Internet #offline