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Before I get knocked off the Internet today....

pen and paper

... and I know that's going to happen, just don't know when or for how long, let me post this:

This will be a transition day of sorts, as I move away from what has become too much reliance on the Internet. Pen and paper will once again be my primary tools of choice; offline computer use will be a temporary staging area for my data (writing, pictures, etc.) before dumping selected and edited parts of that into "the Internet cloud" where it can also be stored and shared.

That short paragraph leads the Random thoughts: section of today's listed and logged post which will go online near the end of my day, (hopefully). And it signals a pretty major change in how I intend to do things going forward.

Before I could get this blog post online, I was knocked offline. Today's outage begins at ~09:15. I'll publish it as soon as I'm able. [/sigh]

Aaaand... the Internet is back at 16:15. But who knows for how long?

And so the adventure continues.

Posted 04/Dec/2020 ~ 16:20 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #Internet #options