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Today is worse than yesterday: allergy-wise.

Call it pigweed

An allergy warning popped up on my phone early this morning telling me that the pigweed and elm pollen levels were high today. Heck, my sinuses already told me that. They woke me early and wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I double-dosed with the allergy meds.

And BTW, “Chenopods” sounds much more innocent and polite than does “pigweed.” The nastiness of that particular pollen is much more suited to the common name than the technical term used to identify that family of weeds. So let's just call it what it is: “pigweed,” okay?

Tomorrow is forecast to be worse than today, allergy-wise. And the days are to be getting progressively worse right into the weekend.

5 day allergy

Oh well, I'm glad I keep the medicine cabinet well stocked.

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 25 August 2020, ~12:45 CDT, this is my post number 60/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Screenshot Habitshare app

Tomorrow is Septuagesima Sunday and that makes this a perfect time to set up my 2020 Lenten Project. To help me hold to my Lenten discipline, I've downloaded the free Habitshare app to my Android phone (see the #screenshot above) and entered Daily Prayer as my first “habit” – a discipline I want to maintain throughout Lent.

Yesterday I caught a YouTube broadcast of Dr. Taylor Marshall with Dan Burke. Dan explained toward the end of that show how he and others used the social aspect of the #Habitshare app to help build and maintain good habits.

The social aspect of Habitshare, giving and receiving support from friends who also use the app, is one of its strong points. The app can be operated in a private mode, in which one uses it to record progress but chooses not to add friends, and not share any data with anybody.

Since I've just now set up my Habitshare, I don't yet have any friends to share it with. Do you have the Habitshare app on your Android or iPhone, and would you be interested in sharing a similar project with me? Let me know, okay?

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Yesterday I set up a personal chat channel / server in the Discord universe, another door opened into my online presence. Basically, just because I could.

Chat rooms on the Internet are interesting places and I've visited many over the decades. Usually I lurk until I become too offended by the obnoxious behavior of the trolls or idiots that frequent such places, then I quietly leave.

Some well-moderated rooms, especially those that focus on a particular theme or purpose, contain polite, knowledgeable dialog among members. Those are pleasant places to visit. I've found a few like that over the years, and have even served as room moderator at the request of the room owners occasionally.

Recently I've been waiting for a certain social media platform which shall remain unnamed to restart its chat room feature. That platform has promised restart deadlines over and over again which have not yet been met. Very frustrating, that.

My setting up this Hey Roscoe chat room is probably mostly a reaction to that frustration. I don't really expect anyone (other than me) to ever visit it. But... there it is.

Posting the screenshot above is part of my SevenTwo Project for this week.

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