The XUMM 0.5.2 update will be available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store around October 2nd, 2020.

This (minor) update will contains some improvements and addresses some minor bugs.

Depending on the settings on your phone, you'll either have to visit the App Store/Play Store and tap the update button, or XUMM will auto-update.

The next release we will add in-app automatic update checks, so you'll receive a message in the XUMM app when an update is available 🎉


  • Read Only accounts don't show the (confusing) “Request” button anymore at the home screen

  • Added “keyboard incognito mode” for Android

  • If the 'Account' field is specified in a Sign Request, that account is now preselected if present as Read/Write account

  • Allow importing mnemonics from a QR code

  • Add “exchange all funds” button in the “Other assets” (IOU) exchange screen


  • Exchange accounts can not be imported as Read Only account anymore. Added a check for destination tag requirements when importing Read Only accounts, and don't allow users to import a Read Only account with mandatory (or likely) destination tag requirement, to prevent confusion.

  • iOS FaceID / Fingerprint reader now falls back to OS passphrase/PIN on “Enter Password”

  • Improved QR destination address recognition

  • Updated push notification handling, and when an payload is already open (on screen) after scanning a QR, a notification for the same payload will be hidden

  • Changed “passphrase” to “password” for XUMM account encryption/decryption (to prevent confusion with mnemonics)


  • Sign Requests (by URL) are now picked up from the clipboard when opening the app from background (minimized) state as well

  • When you have an offer on the Decentralized Exchange, when a part of your offer is consumed, XUMM now shows only the affected amounts for the partial fill (instead of the entire consuming offer)

  • On rare occasions the wrong currency exchange (IOU) amount was displayed in the transaction history (right amount was exchanged)

  • Lots of decimal places are now truncated in the Exchange (IOU) screen

  • Fixed app crash on scanning a Coinbase destination QR code

  • Fixed Android app crash on empty asset list