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Every bite. Every swallow. Every meal. You are literally weaving a bodysuit around your soul.

Think about it. Every bite of food you swallow becomes part of you. Like the part that makes your heart beat. Or your lungs breath. Or the part that connects thoughts zipping around your brain igniting your passions.

Your body is the tool you use to create your life. And in a world of chaos, lockdowns and fear, the quality & nutritional value of the food you eat affects your ability to navigate the waters of our modern world.

Look at it this way...

Experts agree that at the quantum level you are a being of light, vibrating at a measurable frequency. This is called the hertz unit of frequency and measures the electromagnetic waves of all things animals, vegetable & mineral.

The food on your dinner plate has a resonance. When you eat it, that resonance affects you – either raising or lowering your overall frequency.

So it’s super helpful to know the difference between high & low vibrational foods. Especially if you care about your health and mental clarity in these crazy modern times.

Your ability to succeed where others fail is influenced by the light & vibration you hold at a cellular level. Clearly, the food you eat plays a huge role.

Choosing good food helps your body feel better. Which in turn affects your positive outlook on the world. A better outlook leads to less stress, more joy and even better opportunities because you have placed yourself on a higher rung of the ladder.

Quantum theorists explain it this way...

Higher vibrational frequencies are equivalent with good health. The lower the frequency, the more likely we are to see disease. Additionally, higher frequencies are associated with a higher quality of life.

Now, back to you and that life you’re creating. The one that can only happen through the suit called the human body. Your dreams and goals are possible, friend. When you raise your vibrational frequency – by paying close attention to the food you swallow – those dreams become probable.

So next time you reach for a snack or fix a meal, remember this little article. Bon appetite!

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No matter what anybody tells you – there's nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato.

But beware – once consumed it can haunt you for the rest of your life. And leave you incapable of enjoying mass produced imposters.

That's why today's drip of wisdom is super important to grab. Especially if you've grown your own flavorful gems and want to do it again.


Is there a connection between food and your ability to decipher fact from fiction?

The food you swallow does more than just fill your belly. It is the life blood of a host of intestinal tract organisms known as your gut microbiome.

A past blog post describes this intelligent group of microscopic residents and the role they play in the digestive process. And suggests there's a connection between the food you eat and this microbial ecosystem science has dubbed your 'second brain'.

The same one your mother called your gut instinct.

For a moment, let's look at your body as a suit that allows the 'you' inside to experience the world. To see the colors of the rainbow. To hear music and laughter. To taste a meal. To touch your lover.

The same suit those microbial life forms call home, too.

And while it's likely that this collection of intelligent hitchhikers don't care about any of those things, they are invested in something you care very much about – staying alive.

Over the eons they've evolved right along with your suit, developing a creative way to up the odds of your DNA's survival. Part of what they do is send signals to your body to modify behavior – behavior that increases the chance of survival for the host (that's your suit).

In other words, they're helping to make sure 'you' make the right decision.

What if we could learn to use this intelligent group of gut residents to give us an advantage in the modern world?

Imagine if we could tap into this internal meter and hear it whisper 'this news is fake, this food is unhealthy, this choice is right'.

We'd have in our back pocket a magical tool – a guide to help us navigate our world. “Should I take this job? Should I buy this cryptocurrency? Should I move to this city?”

We live in a world where facts are relative & reality is subjective. Somewhere in the middle lies the golden truth. Your gut can help you find it.

It's critical to understand that the gut instinct only works as well as the suit is functioning.

Every bite of food you swallow becomes part of you. Like the part that makes your heart beat, or your lungs breath. Or the part that connects the thoughts that zip around in your brain and ignite your passion.

The quality of food you put in is the quality of performance you get out.

Sounds simple. But there is a trillion dollar industrialized food industry that would rather feed you food like substances than the real thing. Let's leave that story for another day...

Today let us focus on how you can improve your gut instinct. Read on to discover the three most important things you can do to up your relationship with your internal truth monitor.


In a world of conglomerate owned reporting networks and advertisement backed facts, there's one source you can always trust...


That's right. Turns out you have a built in bullshit monitor wired right inside your physical body.


This fact (backed up by science and taught to you by literally no one) translates to an innate ability of the human body to recognize truth. Put another way, it is your physical anatomy's way to protect your DNA as you wander down the evolutionary path.

Here's how it works

Your body (let's call it the suit you wear to experience incarnated life) is wired to provide you the maximum chance of survival in a world filled with lions, tigers & bears. Whether that be yesteryear's wooly mammoths or yesterday's evening meal, you are wired to be able to discern danger from safety. And truth from deception.

And how does your body do this?

By working in tandem with the trillions of microbial organisms living in your intestinal tract. Also known as your gut microbiome, your digestive system houses a plethora of intelligent microscopic life forms.

Through their role in the digestion process, these organisms essentially monitor the health of the host (that's you) and do what they can to insure its survival. Put another way – these little guys are just as invested in staying alive as you are.

So what does this have to do with truth?

Ever heard the phrase 'gut instinct'? It's that knowing feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the intuition when you just know something. It turns out this feeling has a root cause. It is the intelligent voice of the gut microbiome broadcasting survival information to the host – go left, don't eat this, run.

Our gut has been speaking to us for eons.

If you've read any of my past blog posts, you know I'm big on real food. Why? Because our bodies have evolved to function best on real food. Whole, fresh and unaltered.

It's also the best kind of food to keep that intestinal population of truth tellers functioning at an optimal level.

Which means the responsibility for choosing a healthy, whole foods diet (passing on the fast, processed and modified) lies strictly on your shoulders.

Maybe you care, maybe you don't.

But in a world where seemingly everyone is divided & news reporting is agreeably biased, enhancing your ability to decipher truth from fiction – any way you can – seems wise.

Read on to learn the 3 most important foods to feed the microbiome responsible for your gut instinct.


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