I've also been questioned about my innermost thoughts.

The end of a journey, a bittersweet time,

A moment to reflect, to pause and to rhyme.

To look back at all the steps that were taken,

And ponder the moments that were both joyful and shaken.

The road was winding, the path was steep,

With obstacles and challenges that made us weep.

But we marched on, with hope in our hearts,

And every setback was a chance for a fresh start.


A journey long awaited, Filled with hope and fear. A step into the unknown, With a heart that's pure and clear.

The path is winding, And the road is steep and long. But the traveler perseveres, With a spirit brave and strong.


Farewell, dear Ramadan, you're leaving us again.

Our hearts are heavy, as we bid you adieu.

For a month of blessings and mercy, you have been.

And we will miss the warmth and love that we knew.

Your arrival brought joy and renewed hope.

A chance to purify our hearts and our souls.

We fasted and prayed, learned to cope.

With the trials of life, as we reached our goals.


Deep within us lies a force,

A primal urge we can't divorce.

It guides our actions, shapes our lives,

And helps us thrive and survive.

Instinct is the voice that speaks,

When logic fails and reason weakens.

It tells us what we need to do,

To keep us safe and see us through.


  1. Visualize your dream: Take some time to imagine yourself achieving your dream. What does it look like? How does it feel? Keep this image in your mind and use it as motivation when things get challenging.

  2. Break your dream into smaller goals: Sometimes our dreams can feel overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. Break your dream down into smaller, more manageable goals, and focus on achieving each one in turn. This will help you build momentum and stay motivated.


Love is not just about the grand gestures or the material things we can give to our partner. It's about the little things we do every day to show them that they are loved and appreciated. It's about listening to their needs and desires, supporting them through their struggles, and being there for them through thick and thin. True love is not just about what we can do for our partner, but what we can do together to build a strong and lasting relationship.


Love yourself, dear heart, with all your might,

Embrace your flaws and imperfections, hold them tight,

For they make you unique and wondrously bright.

Love yourself, dear soul, in every way,

Speak kindly to yourself, each and every day,

Let self-love be the light that guides your way.


You cannot change the past. Focus on what you can control, which is the present and the future. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, but also try to focus on self-care and doing things that make you happy. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and consider seeking professional help if you are struggling to move forward.



Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that has been studied and analysed by poets, philosophers and scientists for centuries. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for finding and maintaining love, there are certain key principles that can help guide you on your journey. I will explore some of the most important pieces of advice for building a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Chapter 1: Know Yourself

Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself. This means taking the time to understand your own needs, desires, and values. It also means being comfortable with who you are and embracing your flaws and imperfections. When you are confident in yourself and your own worth, you are more likely to attract a partner who values and respects you.


It can be difficult to make decisions about love, especially when we feel torn between two options. However, it’s important to prioritise our own well-being and happiness above all else. Our happiness should not depend solely on our romantic relationships. It’s important to cultivate joy and contentment within ourselves, independent of external factors.

While it’s important to prioritise our own well-being, true love often requires sacrifice and compromise. It’s important to consider whether the man who wants to marry you is someone you genuinely loves and wants to build a life with, rather than just someone who seems like a safe option.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller.


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