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I exist, little more than as a cautionary tale of what happens, when one time to many, I was told to wait, to be patient, to plan to put things off for a future I wanted to be living today.

I'm still waiting. But I can feel the walls relax. Writing isn't therapy but its better to see All the pent up lunacy In words, collected, singing on paper

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The shoreline stank of ambition. Diseased hubris from the Bodies of wasted human potential.

Even the waves lapped at the talent hungerly, Boiling over the desire and discontent.

The bodies, on the shoreline screaming

“I'm not understood,

“I'm already good enough,

“I need this more than you,

We share our joy So yours can be shamed We one up in the hope You'll stay the same

“Give up” the creatures pleaded

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How I feel when someone forgets about me. Selfish. Why should they? When all the things I like about me are what drive people away. They never say that I am the problem To them, its them. While to me, their everything Feels like my heart aches For someone to help me fix What I didn't break.

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I can't remember Walking my oldest child to school It's been that long ago That she's grown That I've stayed and stood

What is time to play with us? When present seemed so sweet That past memories are cooling That those never shall meet

I miss my grandparents I miss my little girls

The seasons came and stole them.

I never felt things move Yet. Time moves ever onward

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Try and keep your mind free

when it's so easy to bind. one tragedy to another, one disaster to your living room, lash one more storm spirit to the deck and laugh at the misery

The storm swirls inside Worse than it's always been

If this is your first visit If this is your hundredth

The swells, broken hearts Wet puzzle pieces That will one day dry

Keep your mind free

The broken, tired and wonderful burdens remain


at the end of the stream was the start of the path.

the path which can't be found. only discovered

bell-wort is a hint a small forest flower

hanging lazily nearby a gold harbinger to a grand adventure


the day smells like pumpkins drying after a rain storm. rich earth mingling with warm memories remember sitting, enjoying coffee, reading remember tobacco burning the same yellowed skin spot those leaves crackling under people walking by

why do memories come alive after so many years asleep. like some zombie summoned by Solomon.

life, a dance, an incantation to summon lost things an invitation to remember


Come and save the world That's what people say.

That's the anthem that they chose to sing since I was a little kid.

They put the burden on my shoulders as soon as I could stand.

Come and save the world Is what people say.

With what would they have me do?

They took away education. They took away blame to ongoing abusers. They made it my concern with commercials storybooks and programs to save the whales.

They told me to save the world Then took no ownership of what had been done.

Generations of wealth But they leave me with none.

Come and save the world

I'll try my best.


Sing to me a song of golden sand Of water wheels and boats Of mermaids swimming through the rivulets sing to me of ancient Rome about the world about the people sing me a song of golden sand laughing at the waves


I care about you. More than anything. That's why you let me grow. You don't force me. You don't.

You love me So you let me learn.


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