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I am all the things, I ever wished I was. Then again, I'm a terrible judge of character.


I used to think of palm trees as fireworks in full bloom that littered the walkways next to wafting sage brush shades and shadow on sunny days Littering the boardwalk

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I feel like I'm the wind. Wrapping myself into any shelter. Anything to stay, Then a tug. A longing to leave. From where I can't stay. That I've got to grow That I've got to build into a gust That I need to be a tornado Tearing the trees from roots Roaring across plains.

I feel like I'm the wind That just came off the ocean

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See the places on the screen Those places you have dreamed of going. Those foods you've never eaten. Those friends you haven't met.

See them on the screen.

Let the envy build Till one day You find you've run away Your friends will be so happy

To see you on the screen

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Tragedy is a present. That waits, As a patient bud, blooming in pity and fear.

Rarely a surprise.


You waved as I passed. For eternity you were nothing until just now, forgotten. flooding memories all of 'you' is back. and it's not the pain So I stop, wave back then pull myself together

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I used to think of palm trees as fireworks in full bloom that stood as vanguards next to wafting rose perfumes shades and shadow on sunny days.

Litter the boardwalk


Notes trickle through the trees In falling acorn buds and leaves An orchestra to an ever changing rhythm.

That crescendos during fires, Falling to a chant when it rains. The forest is a symphony.


Sit down, it won't take but a moment. Close your eyes This is ... Eternity.

The grass moving lethargically against the slight motion of wind. The same wind caressing Dancing with the sunlight warming and then cooling your face.

In a moment you'll open your eyes. probably, feel pretty much the same probably.

But before that instant, for now feel the clouds overhead. as they shifty past the sun. the small shadow, leaving you just a little cooler

The internal world seeing the external. Confirmed it's not all a dream That this is all connected.


This. It's always about This.

When all the world we wove we wove so carefully collapsed

This. It's always about This.

The way your looking at me now deep into azure eyes I start to see a smile.

This. It's always about This.

The moment our breathing matched The moment we stopped trying That it all finally became infinity

This. It's always about This.

#poetry #iwokeupearly

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