last day

My breathe slowed, then stopped My eyes were open, now they are not My hands holding a book, the book is on the floor My life was on and now, now it is off

Through unopened eyes I saw him or I should say felt I felt a thrumming through lifeless body Following the thrum I could see through feeling

Before me was a small man wearing a black olive lab coat looking down at a chart

“help” I began, words not leaving my dead mouth but still, the small mans hand raised to quiet me

the room was melting was melting from the ground in particles of dancing color

slowly they swallowed everything I remembered around me until finally

i was hovering in the dark and the small man hand came down he stowed the chart in his pocket and he looked up

his eyes were empty dark pools

that looked like lightning swimming in rain storm

opening his arms to me I felt compelled, I couldn't fight it

I was alone and then I wasn't


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