I am all the things, I ever wished I was. Then again, I'm a terrible judge of character.


I used to think of palm trees as fireworks in full bloom that littered the walkways next to wafting sage brush shades and shadow on sunny days Littering the boardwalk

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I feel like I'm the wind. Wrapping myself into any shelter. Anything to stay, Then a tug. A longing to leave. From where I can't stay. That I've got to grow That I've got to build into a gust That I need to be a tornado Tearing the trees from roots Roaring across plains.

I feel like I'm the wind That just came off the ocean

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See the places on the screen Those places you have dreamed of going. Those foods you've never eaten. Those friends you haven't met.

See them on the screen.

Let the envy build Till one day You find you've run away Your friends will be so happy

To see you on the screen

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You waved as I passed. For eternity you were nothing until just now, forgotten. flooding memories all of 'you' is back. and it's not the pain So I stop, wave back then pull myself together

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movement is what keeps us awake when we start to fall – it's like: life is saying, “something” just out of reach. to fully understand, though, you'd have to go to sleep

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i have a secret world, that blossomed from all my fears, that I scribbled down in electric notes, that will never disappear. when all my days are over, as slowly my words undone, seek out my hidden hamlet and read it while sitting under the sun.

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the breathe caught in my throat as the cradle slowly climbed, click click click in each moment i could feel time being so caught up in the stream, its intoxicating


I found a mountain far away, that looked like one Id seen on the drive here, the smell of popcorn wafting through the incensed air


We've only talked on the phone, how could this be so easy.

As easy as getting on a rollercoaster

terrifying is . climb . the . . but the drop is what sets love free

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Day 39

“You're the best friend i've ever had” was what the boy had said words which filled me up that feel like skateboard wheels crunching over sidewalk that smell like sea salt kites flying haphazardly through early spring light

“You're the sweetest, kindest man” was what the bride had said through moist eyes and smiling lips flowers draped around the room dancing close, the world shut out our hearts beating in terror at a world that we would build just starting out

“You're the best dad ever was what the little girl said As air changes away from summer cool wisps of fall autumn colored hair back and forth on the swing hazel eyes paired with smiling lips
laughter and innocence

“You were the world to me, mom” I said as I heard her voice fade from the phone The sounds of the machines scream Footfalls, are the last thing I hear as the line goes dim a weight blooms over my chest pushing down on a world that till now only thought it had known what it was to be threatened

Thinking back on those phrases that built me phrases and moments that others planted deep inside seeds I've nurtured, watered to keep growing make me smile even as my body turns a little cold

Looking into your eyes, my once small girls today at last, is my turn “You're the best daughters a father could ask for please love and never be ashamed by it”

Lost a pet today and I got to bury it. This was my youngest first time really dealing with something dying she really cared about. It took me back to when I was around her age. To when Id seen my cat dead on the walkway.

I wish it hadn't happened today but the universe can be just as cold as it is kind.

I hug my kids and keep going

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Day 37

We stay up observing snow fall together wrapped warmly in a blanket silent fairies dance to Earth prodded by hungry winds send flecks skyward

Lightning arches across the livid sky A low growl chases soon after I feel you edge yourself closer

Another ripple fulminates the window turns opaque I can see your face, turned towards me So I move mine to meet yours

The thunder shakes the house My heart leaps

At once your head is on my shoulder, watching blizzard of dancing crystals shapes manifest waves of fallen icy stars howling wind raise pillars of glass

wind and snow thunder and lightning natures unfocused uncaring presence

watching the window seeing you watch out pixies playfully dance in your eyes

Got to enjoy the first snowfall in awhile and although the show didn't occur quite as poetically. I like to think that most memories can be playfully rewrote to be a bit more exciting. Not that having kids trashing your house isn't a fun time, most days.

Sometimes for my own health its nice to take a mental voyage to a place where a moment is as easy as sitting watching the snow fall.

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