To all bloggers

I really enjoyed reading this blog post by TMO and the response from Jet Girl. My native language is not English so this would be a more well written thing if I’d done it in Swedish but sometimes I want the WA community (if you could call it that) of bloggers/personal writers to be able to understand what I write. Even if I don’t blog with a goal of making money or reach out to the masses, it is more fun doing it knowing at least someone could read it. I work as a journalist and that kind of writing is supposed to attract audience and in some ways educate. Here, on my personal blog, I write freely (!), about this and that because I want to. Because it makes me feel good. Because a day with writing, even a short note on a subject no other person is interested in, is a better day than a day without writing.

All bloggers out there, keep writing.

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