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Health freedom works only if you accept that everyone else has it too. Removal of self from the general public, from humanity, from the greatest good for the greatest number of people elevates perception of a single ego(s) and consciousness above the ordinary, sacred humanity we are all interdependent with. Just as I enjoy clean air, water, space and health, so do others. Just as I pray for the ongoing of life and love through my own experience, so do others.

Others have a right to the longest, happiest lives possible, the old and the sick, those who live and work in close quarters with others, not just the strong who “probably would survive anyway”.

We have a right to our available choices, the narrowing of our circle of human family or expansion of its awareness. We have our freedom of choice of perceived victimization, no I won't be a victim of covid-19, no I won't be a victim of pharmaceutico-governmental corporation, no I won't be a victim of anyone's making but my own. The assurance of self-sovereignty over repeated patterns of victimization, the assured right of freedom above reliance upon “society” and proximity to others is an individualism that smacks of perceived superiority. How is your superiority conferred? Lowered vulnerability? Increased resistance? Whiteness? Convergence with a spirituality or nature wiser than humanity which pre-emptively abandons those who live in a city or play xbox? We didn't choose as wisely to not be victims, did we?

Vaccines are not tantamount to rape. You have not destroyed how the sacred creator made you by putting virus particles and mRNA in yourself. You have not played god or fucked with the illness and death nature intended, therefore deserving of horrific tumors and untold curses you've brought upon future generations. That's not how vaccines work.

Viruses are not alive, they are not our friends, this one is evolving and finding all the opportunistic holes in systems of human health. This one happened to grab us by the balls because we couldn't mount a coordinated response and prevention, the chain of infection is only as strong as the weakest link. This isn't a story about scientists impinging upon your existing freedom, this is a story about how the Machine, The Wheel of Progress driven by wealthy people, professionals, industry and progress ran the fuck over us all, refused to slow or stop because Money, More, Now, Tomorrow. This is a story about how we were forced to keep running the machine for those in power as we clamored for an ever-smaller slice of the pie while condemning our human family for being human, vulnerable to illness, vulnerable to suffering. We are equal in this vulnerability unless we are pushing the cog forwards with our stupidity and rigidity, if you perceive Lost Freedom as the ultimate rape you are complaining about an illusion on a cave wall.

You can't be less free than you already weren't. We can't return to pre-pandemia no matter how hard we cling to our precious freedom like a beaded rosary. Accepting information that only confirms one's freedom and bodily autonomy, one's pre-pandemic notions of the universe is as anti-intellectual as it is damaging. This isn't how herd immunity works, we can't be immune to something as a group, as a species, as an individual, if we don't inoculate against and respond to it rather than trying to escape it in magical thinking and assumed superiority.

How did we eliminate smallpox? Are some lives worth less than others?

How do we pay for more privilege? Must privilege equate freedom?

Compost or Die

If we look to the recent past for the recent future we risk becoming our parents the same way they became our grandparents. Penny-pinching as though we could become Steve Jobs by rubbing them together, muttering incantations of capitalism and prosperity.

These things go together, our personal ego and our personal prosperity, these things die together as we're reduced to another fungal spread, another biomass full of microplastics. Hydrocarbons must be the spiritual mass of the universe if manifest destiny is real, incarnated as fossil fuels of dinosaurs and mollusks, compressed into our tiny brains enfolded atop themselves exponentially like credit scores and some kind of social security; a nest egg within a nest egg of minutia you can't actually eat.

I'll invest in proteins and purewater myself, I'll afford myself an end that is as comfortable as it is noble, there is no other way. How comfortable can I be as fellow and friends are suffering? How noble is one who stands victorious atop piles of bodies or at least the compression of many livesworths of freedom?

I'll invest in peace, love, unity and respect, I'll help us grow our shit out, compost or die. Life is supposed to feel good, not compress time into tiny identical cubes that shine on someone else's desk. We are each entitled to dignity, meaning and joy regardless of ability to pay for it in cash, credit or assumed sin. How to get our equal share in this economy, this society, this global consciousness when most of us are too caught up in the struggle within the struggle, the only nesting egg in an anthropocentric universe.

I don't suppose we could compress all the plastic bags and styrofoam and barbie shoes back into dinosaurs? Pump it out and misuse it all over again? All life is sacred we say even as we inject millions of years of compressed death into our species' mainline, our water and air and placentas.

I'll invest in bacteria, culture, green and blue and Black. I'll invest in a future, any viable future for this growing global consciousness. There is so little difference between our DNA, SO much more we must share.

Long-time readers of my blog will be happy to hear I've restarted the Expert Advice Column. Just write in to Connor.Klast @gmail to expose your deepest, darkest fears and I'll do my best to find an Expert to answer! Below is our first return to the column where Skeptical in WV seeks truthiness about the pandemic...

“Dear Connor Klast,

I've heard a lot about the new and untested vaccines for so-called coronavirus. How do these vaccines work? Are they any better than Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) or my own Aryan Immune System (AIS)? Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Skeptical in West Virginia”

Dear Skeptical,

I'm glad you wrote in about these very serious questions, there is so much misinformation and propaganda about the great awakening out there. To answer your questions, I consulted with the World's Leading Expert, #QPatriot, through several layers of encrypted end-to-end messaging apps I downloaded from the silk road before it was cool.

Then I asked renowned Baker and Deep State infiltrator #RcomesafterQ to decipher this cryptic drop. Anons beware, this breadcrumb shows the truth is WAY SCARIER than we expected!!!

“FROM Q_Patriot >> Behind the Gates are billions... >>>Rabbitholes where no-one goes > The chemtrails all align, neon sign >>>> Your DNA will light the way >> Upon the break of The Awakening Day >>>> STERILITY chips all EXPOSED >>> >> > > > The Storm walks into a bar… >> >>> >>>> >> Why is 5G called the Mark of the BEAST??? >Use your LOGIC to expose the KEY and ENTER:



WOAH that is mind-blowing.. Is that the nuclear code purportedly tattooed in UV ink underneath Chelsea Clinton's 6-winged butterfly tramp stamp?? I could hardly wait to hear back from my R-cleared intel source!

According to #RcomesAfterQ:

“Dear Conor, I can tell by your extremely amateur interpretation that you're not a TRUE believer #SaveourChildren. But for #wwg1wga the message is crystal clear. Not only is billionaire Bill Gates behind the Deep State plot to implant tracking chips in anyone who takes the covid vaccine, but the precise DNA codons replicated by the “vaccine” ARE GATES’ OWN DNA!!!!!!! These Gatespike proteins measure only nanometers across yet will add a bitcoin to the immense wealth of the Illuminati (Gates, Musk, Hussein Obama and ALL Demorats) anytime a Deep State Patsy (specified in the “user” agreement) passes by a 5G tower or accepts a pizza delivery from a Jew. Over time, the Gatespikes accumulate to a greater degree than the user's own DNA, causing sterility in handmaids, hives, rhinitis, willing surrender of Amendments 1-3 and automatically signing up hundreds of illegals for Medicare BEFORE AGE 65!!! We are literally entering the darkest times known to mankind.

As if that weren't enough, BIG PHARMA's Satanic cabal is also trying to STEAL YOUR FREEDOM, health and LIBERTY!!! In case you weren't paying attention during your 700-level epidemiology course in med school, Big Pharma, doctors and in some cases Buddhist monks have conspired since at least the 17th century to make these dangerous and unpatriotic vaccines.

These antichrist-venoms have prevented countless deaths (#SavetheChildren, #SaveourGreatGmas) from smallpox, diptheria, polio, anthrax and rabies though EVEN TODAY Big Pharma makes PROFITS, OBSCENE PROFITS from INJECTING YOU! Contrast their heinous objective with the noble aim of the coronavirus that only wants to make MORE VIRUSES! Truly, Q is our PROPHET AGAINST PROFITS, #$!

The Deep State and Big Pharma have conspired together to keep Americans alive longer so they can continue to PROFIT FROM YOUR EXISTENCE. They don't care about people, they don't care about Health Freedom, they only care about PROFITS! Bill Gates and his INTELLECTUAL ELITISTS go to great lengths including randomized, controlled trials to convince you that these vaccines are safe because they know that if PEOPLE DIE from their “technological advancement” they can't MAKE MONEY OFF YOU!!!

PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE, Big Pharma can't even promise YOU WON'T DIE, they just promise to postpone the inevitable. If you stand for HEALTH FREEDOM you'll probably join me in a macrobiotic carrot seance to cleanse the Earth of this great threat to our sanctity before it's too late. Follow the carrot, Follow the White Rabbit. This is only the calm BEFORE THE STORM!


Living Well in Pandemia Part I: What's TP got to do with it?

This would be so much easier if covid turned our loved ones into brain eating zombies. Our uncertainty greatly lessened by the sudden and extreme change in behavior, our humanity reaffirmed as others visibly lose theirs— “Seeeeeee!!! I told you grandpa wasn't putting the mask over his nose!” Convalescence reduced to deportation, immolation or baseball bat, quarantine elevated to fourteen days of binging ice cream, morphine and television waiting for the brain-shakes to kick in. Even a vaccine might become more palatable if one could guarantee their child would merely become high functioning autistic instead of a brain eating zombie.

Instead, we make our microscopic enemy tangible from obvious mistake, stupidity or plain xenophobia. Instead, we suffer immense trauma from both reality and preconceived horror, “Did I just kill my neighbor by touching my face at the grocery store?”, “What was she wearing when the covid attacked her?” As though purity of mind confers protection from illness, as though YouTube confers degrees in epidemiology, as though you can't possibly turn into a brain eating zombie because your immune system is really strong, bruh.

We make tangible enemies from shadows of uncertainty and statistics, from personal specialness or victimhood, we refuse to acknowledge the existing horrors of human life, “Once all this is over...”

If you’ve never had the experience of living past your expiration date, suffering limited air, water, food or safety, this is an exceptionally terrifying time. On some level though, privileged reader, you know that no one escapes illness, injury or death, that our vulnerability to an undead piece of RNA makes us more human, not less.

What I mean by that is we must begin addressing the immense landscape of trauma emerging atop our collective reality. Piled atop the pre-existing horrors of human life, starvation, war, assault, injustice, inequality, fucking cancer and aids, we have covid-19, the icing on the shit cake, the straining and collapse of every sphincter of human system and society. When I say, “we must keep living our lives”, I mean that we do anyway, we accumulate trauma and paranoia and still comfort ourselves with waiting to return to the past. We try to keep some sense of normalcy if we ever had one, some narrowed perspective of time like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ah, but the first noble truth, life is suffering. Have we forgotten life is also water? Have we forgotten about Yemen and Syria? Have we forgotten the impending suffering and mass extinction of climate change? Life is suffering and awakening requires its acknowledgment. Suffering creates a sphere from a circle, trauma expands consciousness as a dimension unto itself.

The root of suffering is attachment and this doesn’t mean becoming a placid, detached zombie only consuming one’s own brain will relieve suffering. This is a common misconception of Buddhism. Instead we must examine and end our attachment to our perceptions, expectations, desires, emotions, cognitions, egos and toilet paper. The hoarding of disposable paper instead of timely adaptation to bidet and/or washable, reusable cloth is only one example of our resistance to impermanence, our extreme disease of attachment.

Living Well In Pandemia to be continued....

References and Further Reading

Search: “handheld bidet” “portable bidet” “cloth toilet paper” “unpaper toilet paper” “unpaper towels”

Try: Putting your money where your mouth is, you shit-talker. Portable travel bidet $9-15 to clean plus fabric square to dry $0 for an incredibly clean, cheap and zero-waste bm.