Dustpan on a Stick

Originally written Jun 21, 2018, modeled on my shop dustpan

oblique view of wooden dustpan

I've got a friend who's opening a new shop soon. She cuts hair, and I thought that a dustpan on a stick would make a nice shop-warming present.

wooden dustpan sitting in front of a stucco wall

Hand-resawn poplar sides and back, dovetailed together. Mahogany? plywood top and bottom, a doug fir piece of molding on the back to tip the front down so it rests securely on the floor, an ash front strip and handle, and cherry “hubcaps” on the ends of the pivot.

front view of the wooden dustpan

Finished with a coat of BLO, three coats of platina shellac, and a coat or two of orange shellac.

glue-up view of the wooden dustpan, with the bottom partially installed so that the sides stay the correct distance apart

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