Handy Tools – Dovetail Marker

Dovetail marker with katalox and elm, front view

Dovetail marker with katalox and elm, bottom view

When I got to the point where my next big project was my brace till, I needed to cut the dovetails for the corners of the carcass, and couldn't find my dovetail marker. Rather than completely wing it, I grabbed a scrap a katalox and set up my shooting board at 14 degrees (which is darned close to 1:4), and then found a piece of elm to put that katalox into. A couple cuts with the saw, a little trimming with a knife, and a dowel later, I had the marker mostly done. Glued it up, then did a little practice carving to label it so I won't get confused later. A coat of oil, and it's ready to go.

Dovetail marker of katalox and elm, top view

Looks like I need to practice carving serifs some more, but otherwise I'm happy with it.

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