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Back in February 2022, Tony, the Gr8Hunter sent me a Keystone Iron City hand-cranked grinder he had scored in Pennsylvania. It was pretty rusty (but just surface rust – no pitting I could see) and would barely turn, so I completely disassembled it, soaked everything in Evaporust, chased the threads on all the nuts and bolts with taps and dies, applied a coat of linseed oil to the wooden handle, then reassembled everything, oiled the moving parts, and gave it a test drive. It worked great, but there was a deep (maybe 1/16 inch) groove worn in the wheel from something, so I trued that up and took out the gouge. Now I've got a nice grinder I can use for things I don't want to grind on the 3600 rpm electric grinders. As another one of my buddies says, Don't work faster than you can think!

I thought about repainting it, but it works fine, and I think I'd rather be using it than fussing with repainting it.

Side view of Keystone Iron City grinder

Hand cranked grinder thumbnail


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