My sweetie and I went for a hike this morning. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time.

Trail 301/303 in the Eldorado Community Preserve

We headed over to trailhead 3 in the Eldorado Community Preserve, which is four-thousand acres of open space running along Galisteo Creek down toward Lamy, between Ojo de la Vaca Road and US 285.

Among the views were:

Looking southwest to the Ortiz Mountains

Looking southwest to the Ortiz Mountains.

Looking east, with I-25 snaking towards Glorieta

Looking east, with I-25 snaking up towards Glorieta

The Apache Canyon Railroad Bridge, where the A. T. & SF railroad crosses Galisteo Creek, and which is marked in yellow on the map at the top of this page.

We hiked for a total of nearly three miles, due to taking a wrong turn and having to double-back, and got up to 7200 feet in altitude (we started around 6840 feet). It took us a little over 2 hours, with plenty of stops, and it was beautiful weather for a hike this morning.



Trail Map for the Arroyo Hondo Open Space

Went for a hike today with my sweetie. We went to the Arroyo Hondo Open Space. The trail there is a 2.8 mile loop, with some pretty good ups and downs. My phone said it was over 5000 steps, and 5 flights of stairs.

Smiling in front of the hills

It was another beautiful afternoon. Around 70, with just a little breeze, and full sun. We enjoyed the walk, but there were a few steep sections where we needed to stop and catch our breath. Ran into a few people, almost all of them with off-leash dogs, but they were all well-behaved.

Looking south / southwest from Arroyo Hondo Open Space

The views were pretty good, and it was interesting seeing the hills that we see on our morning walks from a different angle.

We also looked across I-25 to Harry’s Roadhouse, which was where dinner tonight came from. Tasty stuff, as always.

Shaded trail in Arroyo Hondo Open Space

Glad we got out for one more hike before the weather turns colder this weekend. Don’t know if we’ll be up for hiking on snowy trails.



We went for another hike today. This time up to Bishop’s Peak, which is pretty close to home. It’s about 450’ of altitude gain from the parking lot, over a 2.2 mile loop, and we made it up and around. Had to take a few breaks for air on the way up, but we’re still getting used to living at the altitude here, even after a year.

It was a nice hike, though. And when we got to the top, we could see across the freeway to Café Fina, and the Sangre de Cristos, and we could see our house in the other direction. We’re one of the few houses that has a white roof, so that made it easier to find our place.

Beautiful fall weather today, too. About 65 degrees, with a light wind, and a few clouds to give us a break from the sunshine every now and again.

We also got to see a lot more Emory Oak today. I didn’t know oak trees grew this close to home, but there they are. They’re not exactly monsters, but they’re oaks. They’ve mostly dropped their leaves already, due to the dry year this year, though.

An Emory Oak, with my sweetie standing next to it for scale.



View from the Happy Valley Overlook within the Galisteo Basin Preserve

My sweetie and I headed out to the Galisteo Basin Preserve for some hiking today.

Chair at the Happy Valley Overlook in the Galisteo Basin Preserve

We only did a couple miles, but there was a good bit of elevation change in there and some pretty spectacular views.

And as an added bonus, we got sandwiches from Upper Crust Pizza, and they were some of the tastiest sandwiches we’ve ever had. Apparently we worked up good appetites.

Edited to add: Also remembered that we got to see the Amtrak train headed west from one of the overlooks. That was neat.