Dead Gods

Miniatures Skirmish Wargame

It's time to give you game a boost. Unholy Scavengers has 20 new model types including the very leaders of each Warcult, five scenarios and new special rules.

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The first supplement to Dead Gods is in the works, bringing a host of new models including infamous Warcult leaders and several scenarios for the game.

As you can see there are a bunch of new special features. Bloody Rage makes it GOOD to get hit, turning those wounds into improved melee attacks. This is the new feature of the Berserker, who also gets Slayer, a rule that gives a bonus against enemies with a Battle of 5+. This makes them particularly good for taking down the new Beasts and Abominations. Couple that with a Musician whose Dread Pipes offer a Battle reroll and you have an unstoppable force in your side.

Spooky guys like Ghost Warriors and the new Ghoul and Skeleton Warrior are bolstered by Necromancers with the, er, Necromancy rule that resurrects Unliving models on a 1-2. At the moment Necromancer has Horrifying, which may be removed pending playtesting.

Probably my favourite new feature is Tear Apart, which gives a second wound on an unmodified 1. Both Beast and its bigger cousin Dread Beast have this. Dread Beast is a 10pt force of nature who has good defence (I know, the pic says Brute without a number, but it's Brute 1), great melee and doesn't get slowed down by hindering terrain.

Anyway, just wanted to post a quick update. Keep looking up.

Magnus Cragg was once known as an outlaw, stealing from road merchants to scratch out a meagre living in a world that he believed owed him a favour. His head was wanted in 12 cities but his motley band was notoriously tough to pursue, being excellent at stealth and survival.

Cragg's life would soon change when he discovered the pit and its writhing inhabitant. A result of a comet smashing into the Blasted Forest, the pit harboured a being from beyond the cosmos – Ikleth. Cragg became obsessed with the thing in the pit, spending nights bathed in sickly moonlight staring down into the abyss. He had never known his father, but being there gave him the strange feeling that something paternal was looking out for him. Ikleth reached out into Cragg's mind and began communication. It spoke of new worlds to be conquered, with Cragg at its side. But to achieve this it must feed.

Cragg was seduced by Ikleth's promises of dominion over all and so convinced many of his band of miscreants to start kidnapping merchants as sacrifice. Those who agreed were marked by Cragg as believers while the apostates were mercilessly thrown into the pit.

The more they fed Ikleth the more Cragg and the marked, who now referred to themselves as The Black Maw, changed physically. Tentacles slivered from their flesh, their skin grew fungi and their complexion greyed. Cragg saw the most change, becoming a walking monstrosity who was whispered about in dark taprooms.

Now Cragg seeks sacred relics to feed his god, knowing that soon Ikleth will be strong enough to rise from the pit and take down the gods themselves, and its most faithful follower will be right by its side.

If you want more toys and scenarios then you're in luck. Unholy Scavengers will contain brand new model types, including unique leaders like Lady Spite and Black Maw leader Magnus Cragg, as well as four new scenarios and a bunch of special rules. Keep your Unliving models…err, unalive for longer with Necromancy, deal more wounds with Slayer and master your activations with Seer, among others.

Yep, all that in the Dead Gods greeting card style. I'm currently in playtesting for this so I'm hoping to get it out in the next month or so.

Keep looking up!

Castle Cardarax looms on the edge of blackened mountains, home to one of the most enigmatic and foul creatures in the land. Lady Cordelia Spite, or the Night Widow as locals call her, spends her time attempting to pry open the secrets of immortality. Her castle halls longer with the acrid stench of necromancy as her shuffling ghoul's attend to her macabre experiments as Lady Cordelia blends mad science and occult philosophy in a quest to cheat death.

It began with her husband, Lord Mycroft Spite, an odorous beast if there ever was one. Struck down with the pox, his death was celebrated in nearby villages. But soon there were reports of his image creeping on the shadows, stealing people away in the night. Lady Cordelia, in her grief, had turned to unholy powers to raise her husband from death. But instead of becoming a normal man Mycroft was reborn a festering ghoul (though still quite under the command of his wife).

Occult knowledge wasn't enough and so when the first god fell to earth Lady Cordelia saw an opportunity. The relics left behind by divine beings could possibly be used to unlock the secrets of eternal life so using her ghouls, ghosts and minions she seeks them and will flay anyone who tries to get in her way, raising them as one of her own after death.

Nobody knows for certain how large the pantheon of gods and goddesses is – was. All they know is that gods fall from the crimson sky, crushing all beneath their vast density. The lay priests termed this Godfall.

Someone is murdering the gods and sending their holy corpses earthbound in a display of destructive mockery. The beings once thought immortal are, it turns out, just like you or I. So what happens when gods die?

New beliefs arise in their place. Cult leaders who see their chance to bend others to their will come out of the woodwork. They seek the remnants of the gods, relics borne from their celestial flesh, be those body parts, blessed tomes or the jewellery they wore the day they perished. For some, these relics have the power to attain godhood, while others plan to forge a weapon mighty enough to take on the remaining pantheon in Heaven.

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