“The meaning of life is to give life meaning” Viktor Frankl

How can Holidays Add Value to your Life?

The holiday season is loved by most of us as it gives us the most memorable moments of our lives. Also, it provides us with a motive to focus on planning trips.

Now, as the vacation days are coming, most of us must be planning a trip somewhere or the other to have fun with our family, friends or to experience some personal space of our lives. Holidays not only give us satisfaction and happiness, but it also adds significant value to our life. It provides us excellent physical and mental health by taking us away from depression and job stress.

Here we are with some impacts of holidays that have helped us in many crucial ways. It will help us in making our life more valuable and happening. So, let’s go through the following values and let this holiday season virtually help us.

1. Improvement in Physical Health:

*Work stress can take your body towards various serious diseases. It can contribute to heart diseases and high blood pressure issues. Research has proven that vacation after every two years lowers the risk of heart diseases and even heart attacks.

*Whether a man or a woman, stress gives out the same result and can affect your life the most. So, in this world of work and stress, try to take vacations and spend some time with your loved ones.

2. Improvement in Mental Health:

*If we talk about our mental health that is about our mind, we must know that stress can majorly add to the factors that can give us anxiety and depression. It only happens because we never feel calm and stress-free out of our work.

*The feeling of being calm and relaxed can help our mind to stay away from stress, and taking out time for ourselves. This calmness enables our mind and body to cure themselves in such a way that it cannot be taken care of if it was still under the pressure of work and stress.

3. Increase in Prosperity and Fortune:

*Vacations will have some significant effects on your well-being. Spending two to three days out on vacation can change your regular bad habits. Your physical complaints will not be more into existence if you have adequately enjoyed your holidays.

These complaints may include a change in mood and will give you a good quality of sleep. Moreover, you will feel a better quality of work as compared to before going on a vacation. These changes can be seen even after many weeks of holidays. Especially for those who had a great time on their leaves with proper satisfaction.

4. Boosting up Mental Power:

*After you will return from your vacations, you will be more focused and can give out more productive work for your job. Before, it was only stress that was stopping you from making some outstanding decisions about your employment. Still, now as you are back from your holidays, you can probably give yourself a good working time ahead.

5. Enhance Family Relations:

Vacations can help you find different ways to spend with your family and loved ones. Will holidays help you stay away from stress and depression and help make your familial relationships more potent and healthier*?

*Most probably, for women, vacations play an essential role. They are more satisfied with their family and work if they are given proper holidays from time to time. Also, they will be more productive in finding various ways to keep their family happy and healthy.

6. Less Job Stress:

*In the lives of those persons who are regularly working, job stress or burnout is a common thing to happen. But those workers who take out the proper time to relax themselves on a regular basis are said to have fewer burnout experiences.

*The time they will take out for relaxing and comforting your life will make you more productive and increase the creativity in your work. Also, you will feel improvement in many other things you do in your regular life.

7. Planning a Trip Increases Happiness:

*According to various researches, it has been shown that if you only take part in planning for a trip or vacation, you will automatically feel different happiness around you. Even before several days of your journey, people will start feeling the effects they can experience on their vacations.

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Fiatleak: Data Is King

The year 2020 has been challenging to people across the globe, primarily due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many people have been disadvantaged, but the situation also yielded some benefits. For instance, the pandemic may have wreaked havoc on the money markets and many industries. Still, it also pushed many people to seek alternative investment opportunities, especially in the cryptocurrency industry.

Many people have started trading cryptocurrencies and investing in alternative investment options. The transition and increased interest in the crypto space undoubtedly caused an overall bullish performance in the cryptocurrency market. Digital coins such as Bitcoin are reaching highs that were previously realized in late 2017 or early 2018. Meanwhile, the increasing interest in crypto trading presents the need for platforms that offer a wide range of data to help traders make more sense of the market, thus making better investment decisions.

A god’s eye view of the market

Many ingredients are required to achieve success as a crypto trader, and the same applies to other types of investments. Information is a trader's shield and sword, allowing them to attack when they find potentially viable opportunities and also allowing them to protect themselves from dangerous market setups. Imagine if you had such a platform with cryptocurrencies where you could access all the vital market information.

Enter Fiatleak, a platform designed to offer all the information that a trader needs to trade cryptocurrencies successfully. The platform was designed to provide as much information about the crypto market as possible, and it can best be viewed as platform that goes the extra mile.

The interface

Fiatleak provides the charts and data and curates them accurately and fast enough to show where transactions are taking place on a map. The platform's homepage shows a map, a list of many cryptocurrencies, and transaction data, which is likely collected using blockchain technology. It provides access to real-time data as trades happen within seconds. The live data also indicates the transactional value, which means that it shows each transaction in real-time and how much money is involved in each transaction.

The interface also shows price performance data for many cryptocurrencies, including bullish and bearish data, as well as percentage price changes. The interface provides information that allows traders to understand the market position at any given point so they can potentially make better-informed investment decision.

The interface also features a section where you can preset your preferences, which is ideal, especially if you want to focus on particular digital coins. For example, you can select which exchanges will provide the data feed and cryptocurrencies to put on your watchlist. It also offers customization options through which one can change can customize the watchlist to their preferred cryptocurrency and fiat currency configuration.

Crypto news

Another vital part of Fileleak is its extensive news segment, which provides crypto traders to see what is happening in the cryptocurrency market. The news segment is regularly updated with news of the latest events and activities that may give insights into potential price direction. Many successful traders rely on a mix of technical and fundamental analysis to achieve success. The same recipe also works in the cryptocurrency market.

Positive news may cause a bullish performance in a particular cryptocurrency, while negative news may trigger a bearish performance. Fileleak takes this into account, which is why the platform offers timely news feeds that allow traders to act quickly. Speed is also a vital part of trading success, and executing trades on a timely basis increases traders' success factor. Very few trading platforms can achieve this, and as such, Fileleak offers a substantial advantage to crypto traders, making it quite appealing.

No login

One of the interesting observations that we noted was that Fileleak is absolutely free. It does not feature a login, and it is entirely free. This is an unusual approach considering that many platforms, including those designed to assist traders usually have login options and premium features. If the information is free, then how does the platform make money?

The platform's creators wanted to provide a service that would help crypto traders achieve success, and the platform owners felt that charging subscription fees did not seem right. They decided to offer it for free, but they still need funds to maintain the features and bring more features onboard. The platform offers links to merchandise that users can purchase to support the platform's maintenance and new features. You will see the merchandise as you scroll down the platform with links to Amazon, where you can place an order. They will ship the merchandise to you for free, and the proceeds will be used to fund the development of new features to be added to the platform.

Fileleak is not an investment platform

The people who made the platform did not want to add complexity to their offering, so they made sure that it was an information platform instead of an investment platform. You cannot invest directly through it, thus the absence of buying or selling features. The platform provides a disclaimer that the content is not to be used as a basis for investment decisions but for entertainment purposes. However, the data on the platform, such as the cryptocurrency prices appears to be accurate. The disclaimer might be a means of ensuring that people do not blame the platform for any losses despite its accuracy.

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You Need to Be a Part of the Team. Here’s Why.

There are various definitions as to what teamwork is. Some believe that it is a group of people who work together. Others say that it is a strategy to collaborate and achieve specific goals. While both of these definitions of teamwork are true, there’s more to this concept than just getting together.

Teamwork is a strategy implemented by companies, schools, even households to achieve common objectives. But this is not the only advantage of being a part of a team.

In this setup, each member contributes their skills, experiences, and knowledge about specific topics. Knowing how diverse people are, you can only imagine the vast information people can learn. You might not think you’re learning from your team but as you listen, you pick up information that could be relevant, if not, lifesaving in the future.

So, even if you hate being in a team because you prepare to work alone, you will see its advantages. Some may be for the benefit of a group or a company but most of the benefits are geared to your self-improvement. Here’s why:

Build a support system

In the early stages of forming a team, people test the waters to see if they can get along. As the process progresses, there could be storming and debating which can either make or break the team’s spirit. But if members surpass this stage, they start to build a support system.

Teamwork promotes communication among individuals. It is a conduit to meet friends and build intimate relationships. This close-knit tie among people is an essential factor that motivates individuals to work harder, to cooperate, to become supportive, and to improve. Long after the team parted, the intimacy built while working on tasks could linger and might form stable friendly relationships.

Give and receive feedback

People have the unending need to learn and unlearn concepts. Being in a team helps in this process. This strategy of achieving goals allows you to give feedback about the opinions and actions of other people as you receive a set of critiques yourself. This back-and-forth system is essential for each member to see things from a different perspective which is essential to widen opportunities and reduce the risk of failure.

Did you know that the feedback system among groups is essential to achieve not only organizational but also personal or individual success? With this process, people can learn, adapt, decide, innovate and take accountability which are all factors that contribute to success.

Optimize performance

When you work alone, chances are, you work at your own time at your own pace. During these times, you can become unproductive and inefficient in doing your tasks. But when you’re in a team, you learn to work more effectively by keeping a schedule. There is a time frame to follow which pushes you to work and avoid idle time. If you build this habit, it helps you enhance your performance and improve satisfaction.

Are you planning to work in a team? If so, you need to know more about it, starting with its characteristics.

Common goal

When you’re on a team, you should make ends meet and be at the same page as your members. You may not share the same ideas or opinions but you have to compromise to achieve common ground. This is crucial if you want to utilize the diverse skills and information of other people to work more effectively and achieve common goals.


Another characteristic of a team is the ability to take accountability from their mistakes and learn from them. This is why team members should learn to trust and assist each other to build an effective group that can generate outstanding results while reducing risk.

Open Communication

Another important concept in teamwork is open communication. Opinions, feedback, and criticism always matter. All of which are essential to achieve goals and reduce risk. However, people should learn how to say these in a professional way, careful not to offend or hurt other members in the process.

Communication is a two-way street. While others share their thoughts, members should be able to take these critiques constructively, especially if it can boost their performance.

To be open also means to be honest. If there are complications or failures, a member should communicate it to the team to resolve conflict, handle problems, mitigate mistakes, and innovate solutions.

People tend to keep things from each other to put up a good face. So, even if they make mistakes, they don’t open it up in hopes that there is no risk tied to it. But these mistakes should not be taken for granted at all. In an engineering team for example, if one member fails to calculate the risk of building an establishment on an area, he or she should open this up to his colleagues. If not, they are putting future residents at harm’s way. With communication, the team can figure out solutions to mitigate the problem and avoid the consequences early on.

Effective Leadership

Despite what people think, a leader is not someone who commands a team. He or she is someone who holds the team together. A leader is responsible for delegating tasks, resolving conflicts, and understanding members’ strengths and weaknesses to gear them towards self-improvement.

With an effective leader, people feel valued, appreciated, and motivated. Their jobs become more meaningful. Hence, members become more productive. So, if you are to build a team, remember to choose a leader that can offer you these opportunities for the team’s effectiveness and for its member’s development.



Learn How to Put Yourself and Your Health First

We always say YES to please others and spend most of the time fulfilling our commitments to people around us. Is this the thing you are also doing regularly?

We spend most of our time with different people, and whenever we have time for ourselves, we never think of doing something for ourselves or our health. It is really very common these days that our health is not our priority. But if we need to help someone else, first we need to keep ourselves physically fit. It is known as self-investment.

In this era, where lots of work surround us, we need to nourish our body with nutrients and protein-rich food. We, as a human, are always ready to help those who are in need. Therefore, we must make sure to do that with a robust foundation for our health.

For this, you must learn to put yourself and your health first. Here are some tips that will help you for sure.

1. Listen to what your heart says:

Stop copying the world and start fulfilling the desires and needs of your heart. It is the best option to start with if you know that you are not giving enough to yourself, if you know that you want to live a healthy and prosperous life, but you don’t know how to start with. You can accomplish your heart’s desires and feel that unique happiness in you.

2. Find your Aim:

Start writing what your heart *says. Whether it is just a small thing or any useless thing, just write it down. Penning down the desires and requirements you want to accomplish will help you remember the things you are fond of and you want to have.

3. Make a Complete Strategy to Get It:

*As you have written down the needs you have to fulfill, you need to think about how you will accomplish that for yourself. Give this analysis as much time it takes, but try to make a full proof plan to execute correctly. Do not stop yourself from writing anything; you can add some more if you are still thinking.

4. Prepare Everything According to You:

*You are the only participant in this game of life. You are the only one who is going to run for the strategy you have made. Hence, it is necessary to make a plan which you are aware of. It should be similar to your thoughts. After preparing a trick, tell your family members and yourself that you have to do it, and you will do it anyhow.

5. Enhance your Motivation Daily:

*Although you are already motivated a lot, you have to regularly pump up your energy, positivity, and motivation. You can do anything you think that can boost up your life for the game. Do not stop your mind from thinking about how that can motivate you to take care of your health. Always recognize the goal behind the things you are doing. Also, evaluate the benefits you are getting in return.

6. Balance your Desires and Energy:

*It will not give you happiness if you are not getting anything to provide your energy to the game. It is necessary for you to balance the things you are offering and what you are getting in your life. There is nothing alone; everything we have is incomplete without the other. It can be day or night, sun or moon, light or dark, and even positive or negative. If you find the balance, you will get it.

7. Always Remember that You are Important:

*Yes, of course, you are essential; your happiness is critical. You should never need a person who will tell you that it is good enough to keep yourself your priority because it is evident that you are your priority. It is the only thing you have to do to keep yourself happy. You will remain with yourself now, tomorrow, and forever.

It is an essential thing because if you want to give something to others or help them. If you are happy *and healthy, you will put more energy and soul into others.

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7 Healthy Habit To Stop Being Negative

How do you remain optimistic all the time?

How do you manage to stay away from negative vibes?

These questions usually cross our minds when we see someone being so positive and happy all the time. However, it is not easy to feel like that always. Most of us believe negative, and it has become our nature. Many times, when things do not go as planned, we get depressed and unhappy. But being negative will never end up with something useful to you.

If you want to be the person who can see a half glass filled with water instead of noticing a half-empty glass, you must keep a few things in mind and keep the positive attitude. Follow the tips given below to stop being negative, and you will find yourself happy in the end.

1. Live Small Moments to the Fullest

Considering the past or what's to come is the thing that we get on edge about. But, have you ever focused on your present? If you end up harping on something that either has already occurred or still can't seem to happen, advise yourself that the main thing you have power over is the present.

So, be proactive and try not to consider yourself to be a survivor of the condition. You can't lounge around thinking that somebody will accomplish something bravo. If you want something, and you want to have it anyhow, you need to take a step and get it for yourself.

2. Practice Optimistic Assertion:

If you want to be an optimistic person, you need to make sure that you are asserting yourself with positive things. Repeat it again and again; make this a first thought of your day. If you are getting late for your work because you have woken up late, you can create one affirmative announcement and it will quickly set your whole day up.

3. Keep Faith in the Energy of Positivity:

Most of us have noticed that whenever we think positive, something good happens to us for sure. Why do we get surprised when something negative happens to us if we continuously keep a negative thought in our mind? If we remain positive every time, we will notice everything getting positive around us. So, believe in this superpower and stay positive.

4. Do not Stop Yourself:

Ensure that the thing forcing you to think negative should not overwhelm you. There will be so many things that are making you upset. You must go forward to solve them and move ahead. You should never stop, sit, and cry over the spilled milk. If something went wrong, accept it and ensure that you will never let that thing happen again with you.

If you continue thinking and crying over what wrong has happened to you, it will waste your time and energy and make you feel more worse about yourself. So stop thinking about the things that have happened and consider what is going to be the next.

5. Be Grateful, Always:

In the morning or at night, you must be thankful for what you have got or what you have gone through the whole day. Please make a list of things you have done and show your gratitude towards them. If you continue doing this regularly, it will convert your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Moreover, whenever you feel low, you can read this list of things for which you are thankful. It is possible that when we are negative, we forget about the good things that have happened to us. So, this list will help you realize that many good things are happening all the time.

6. Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is the best way to feel relax and right after the whole hectic day. Whether you go for a small or long run regularly, the activity will make you feel good all the time. If you feel bad or sad, you can go for even 15 minutes of exercise or walk. It will make you feel better later, and you will be able to do other activities efficiently.

7. Try New Things Daily:

Do not let yourself stick to one routine regularly. Allow yourself to try new things as it will help you to build self-confidence. Also, if you try new things regularly, it will help you grow more and learn more things. Make your life more exciting by saying yes to every unique opportunity you get, whether big or small, doesn’t matter.

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How to Find a Perfect Mentor?

Experience is the most prominent mentor that can take you to real success. Mentors are the box of experiences and knowledge, so finding a perfect mentor is an essential task. A mentor is the one who shares their time, ways to achieve their goals, motivate you, and give you advice.

The right leader or mentor is a powerful tool that can give you many opportunities to achieve desired goals. Not only professional growth, but they will also help you balance your work-life and personal life perfectly. But how is it possible to find a perfect mentor for you? Well, this can be the most challenging thing you can do when you are really in need of one.

Since we know that it can be difficult and depressing for you, we have collected some good ways to find the best mentor. Please go through them and try to get the best one for you.

1. Someone you want to be like:

At a particular stage of our life, we know what we want to be further. But we can’t see the future, so it becomes difficult to understand how we can achieve it. Finding a person that you want to be like can help you a lot. For this, you need to find a person who is similar to you. He/she must have strengths and skills like you.

It would be best if you take sufficient time to spend with the person who will be your partner. Before you select anyone as your mentor, try to explore any people you think are perfect. Through this, you can quickly get an ideal mentor.

2. Try to Know More About Them:

There may be a case in which you don’t know much about your mentor. You must start exploring their world with them. Talk to the people who know them. Also, you must check whether they are similar when alone as they are in public. Moreover, it is essential for you that you must understand their weakness and strengths. It will help you in setting up your expectations.

3. Meet them and Ask your Doubts:

It cannot be reassuring for them as well if you ask directly to be your mentor. It can be a big decision for them. Instead of asking to be a mentor, you can ask them for a formal meeting. Before you meet them, you must know their communication style and how informal you can be with them.

Keep a balanced level of communication. Be prepared with the doubts and questions you must be having. Whenever you think you are in doubt, go and ask with them. A perfect mentor will never let you face the issues alone.

4. Appraise the Meeting:

After meeting them, how are you feeling, how they treated you? Did they just answered your question or tried to motivate you instead? If you feel better and satisfied after meeting them, you must try to fix up the next meeting with them soon. If you are unable to understand, they and they also face issues talking to you. You require another mentor.

5. Follow-up After Meeting:

After meeting your mentor, you must make sure that they know about you. They must understand that you are serious about what you have to do. If you want this, you must follow-up with them just after a meeting. It would be best if you thanked them for giving their time. The best way to express your gratitude is through e-mail or any other passive conversation form.

Moreover, you can also mention that you would like to spend this time with them again in this conversation. You must make sure that your discussion is very relaxing for the mentor as well. Do not let them feel that you are sticky with them. Stay formal and customary till they are not opened to you.

6. Ask them for Feedback:

You can ask for feedback about yourself from your mentor. It can be challenging for them, but it is the best way to grow better and more. It will also make the relationship very strong with your mentor. Feedback will be a shine for both of you. Well, you must be looking for the words you are afraid of.

A perfect mentor will take the proper time and express this with appropriate sensitivity and care. Your mentor knows that what can motivate you and what can make you feel stress.

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What Is KYC In The Crypto Space?

KYC means to know your customer. It is a popular concept in the traditional banking industry, and financial regulators have widely enforced it. They use it mainly to counter money laundering and ensuring that customers are regulatory compliant.

The cryptocurrency industry also leverages the same concept for similar reasons. For example, crypto exchanges, custodial services, and digital wallet services implement KYC measures to verify the crypto holder's identity. The information gathered through KYC allows the crypto services to better understand the client's activities, thus determining whether users are engaged in legal or illegal activities. KYC is one of the tools that crypto exchanges have been using in their arsenal against money laundering.

What you need to know about the KYC process

Most people use crypto exchanges to buy crypto, especially those who prefer to have their money in cryptocurrency form rather than putting it in the bank—many of them trade crypto, similar to how one would trade fiat currencies.

There are three main KYC categories; acceptance policy, transaction monitoring, ID procedures, and risk management. These categories or measures are the reason that crypto exchanges usually require proof of address or ID verification. They often require that you provide details such as your full name, phone number, and address. They will also likely require copies of legal documents such as a copy of your passport or ID. Some may even require you to upload a copy of a bill as proof of address.

What is the role of KYC in the crypto?

Cryptocurrencies became quite popular in the past few years. Governments and traditional banking institutions heavily opposed digital currencies initially because they were decentralized, and that paved the way for rampant money laundering. It was a massive challenge to governments t, and it highlighted the need for some regulation to combat money laundering.

Governments could not ban cryptocurrencies since they are digital, and they are decentralized. The only option available was to ensure crypto regulation by requiring crypto exchanges to implement KYC and other regulatory measures. For example, any crypto exchange that wants to operate in the U.S market or any other market has to adhere to the guidelines provided by that particular jurisdiction.

If you look back over the past few years, there has been a lot of hacking against crypto exchanges, and traders lost significant cryptocurrency amounts. Governments also sought to regulate exchanges so they could protect crypto investors. The governments introduced strict safety requirements for exchanges so that they could prevent further hacking. This approach gave governments more leeway to push the KYC agenda.

KYC vs. anonymity

Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, and it is also commonly used for illegal activities. It became so popular because people could discretely transact online. Still, with KYC measures in place, people are growing concerned that the anonymity factor that made crypto appealing is starting to fade.

The fading anonymity allowed governments to implement taxation policies on cryptocurrency gains. The exchanges have to be regulatory compliant, and so they can provide any required user information. The government can then use the provided information to determine whether you have been making profits through crypto and whether you have been paying taxes on those gains. The same user information allows the government to determine whether you have been conducting illegal businesses online.

Die-hard Satoshi fans would likely oppose KYC because it goes against Satoshi Nakamoto’s expectations for Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. The Bitcoin founder's goal was to create a system independent of government control, but governments have now started controlling the cryptocurrencies through regulatory measures and policies like KYC.

Although the anonymity concept seems quite appealing to many, perhaps it is dystopian to think that such a system would function without problems such as crypto theft, and that is why KYC exists. For anyone opposed to KYC because it threatens anonymity, perhaps it is better to consider it as a necessary evil rather than the lousy hand ruining the game.

It became abundantly clear that crypto theft was one of the significant problems plaguing the cryptocurrency world, thus necessitating better solutions. Regulations have proven quite useful in preventing crypto theft, but the tradeoff is that customers who want to use this safer approach also have to subscribe to the KYC requirements.

What about decentralized exchanges

In case you are still opposed to KYC, but you still want to enjoy all that crypto has to offer while still enjoying anonymity and security, perhaps you should consider looking into decentralized exchanges or DEX. A DEX is a type of crypto exchange that does not have a central authority, and thus there are no KYC measures. They feature peer-to-peer marketplaces built directly on a blockchain. The goal is to extend blockchain's immutability to exchanges, and this approach also allows traders to be the custodians of their crypto holdings.

DEXs have no KYC measures. They might be a better approach for anyone that does not want their data held in a centralized service. One would thus expect DEXs to be quite popular. However, they are not, and perhaps it has something to do with people looking for the kind of security that centralized exchanges offer.

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Being thankful is Always Good

Ever noticed a person who is always grateful for even small things?

Are they not happy and healthy a little bit differently?

Those who are always grateful for the things they appreciate small things instead of being obsessed with it. Such persons show gratitude towards others. And they get more appreciation and respect back often. They believe that every day has a huge chance to be happy and to make others also happy.

If you think that you are not grateful for the things, it is not that you can never be like that. There are some people who are more conscious and thankful for everything in their expressions, and some cannot express their gratitude towards others. You can go through the ways here on this page that will help you to be thankful for others.

1. Be Thankful for Family:

Our family is the most important and precious of the things we can own. Our family is necessary for us at the time we need support and help. They stand with us at our hard times without any condition. But this is a relationship which can be taken for granted very quickly.

It is our family only who always share happiness with us. We can expect advice, emotional and physical support, sharing joy and experiences, and love that can help us live this life. In this era of technology, we must appreciate and spend time with the family and thanks them for the good things they do for us.

2. Be thankful for Reassure:

We have different levels of comfort in our lives individually. As compared to many regions of the world, we are blessed with many luxurious things. Instead of giving gifts to those who already have everything, we must think about others' needs.

When we are thankful for the things we have, we think about our real needs because we are having too much. If we are able to thanks for the material stuff we own, we can build up an attitude of being grateful.

3. Be Thankful for Hope:

Faith in God is the only best thing that gives us hope and reason to live this life. We must be thankful for the hope we have for forgiveness and eternal life. We must feel the pleasure of hope and the relief that hope brings to our mind and heart.

We all must have different sources of hope, but we must think beyond all such sources. People of different religions may hope differently, and their ways can vary from others. But we all should be thankful for the things and feel good in everything we have.

4. Being Thankful Transforms You:

When you start watching excellent and positive in all the things you have beyond yourselves, you will feel the change in you. You will see changes in your opinion and outlook towards others. It will make you happier than ever. Researchers have proved that those who are grateful for the things they have feels more joy and never bother by negative thoughts and things.

Moreover, once you start appreciating everything and never complain about things, you will feel positive changes in your relationships. You will be satisfied and improve everything in your relationships, maybe with your family, friends, or a life partner.

Why Is Being Thankful Necessary?

Being thankful is nothing but an honor for what others do for you. If you are grateful to a person who did something for you right now, your gratefulness will make them feel better. When you are thankful for others, it gives you more confidence and makes you deliberately a positive person.

If it is not possible for you to express your thankfulness, you can also express your gratitude in your writings. At the last of the day, you must make a list of things that have happened to you. And tell your thanks on paper. Always remember even the small things that occur at any turn of the day.

Once you express your gratitude and feelings, you will feel relaxed, and it will make you sleep faster and give you better sleep the whole night. Moreover, being thankful will help you to go through the challenging phases of your life smoothly. It enables you to be happy, and when you are so glad always it will become easy for you to keep your mind and body healthy.

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Ways to Sprinkle Fun in Your Life

Do you want to live a meaningful and complete life? When did you last enjoy your life correctly?

Well, adding fun to your life depends on you. Without pleasure and enjoyment, your life can be very dull and unhealthy for the mental and physical state of your mind and body. When you start enhancing fun in your life, you will feel productivity in your work, health improvement, increase in happiness, and improve your relationships.

Do you remember the day you were happy, having fun, and enjoying the day?

Wasn’t it a fantastic day of your life?

We want to be content all the time and thoroughly enjoy our lives. So, let’s go through some ways to help us sprinkle fun in our life and enjoy it.

1. Always Welcome Fun and Enjoyment:

Most of us think that we don’t have time to enjoy or have fun. But all this is just a myth and a trap. First, we need to take ourselves out of this fence. We all have enough time to have fun; it’s just that we must make it our priority. Give yourself permission to enjoy life and live every moment of your life with good vibes.

Once you have made fun and enjoyment of your priority, you will find many options on your way to having fun. You can choose any of those by taking out time from your busy schedule. Besides, you can end up doing something that makes you feel good, and you enjoy doing it. Make it a habit to do it frequently.

2. Stay Impulsive:

You are not required to make any perfect plan to enjoy your life to the fullest. Usually, most of the enjoyable and fun moments of our life come to us without planning. Keep yourself welcoming towards fun and enjoyment. Never overthink about your future; try to live in the present.

Love every moment of your life and give these small moments a big welcoming hug.

3. Make Yourself Expressive:

It is not necessary to spend lots of money to enjoy your life. Many enjoyable things in your life can be achieved without any cost. Most of the things you can do with your mates, friends, or family are low in price. You can enjoy a movie with your friends, not in a real theatre but on the television in your home.

One can think of more innovative and expressive ways to enjoy life. All such creative ideas will strike your mind only when you will make fun and enjoyment a priority of your life. Through this, you will be able to live your life completely and also make others live it.

4. Meet New People:

Some of us feel shy to meet and interact with new people we meet through family or professional gatherings. But we can enjoy our life more with some new people in our lives. New people will bring new and positive vibes into our life. They will get some new ideas to enjoy life in creative ways. So, permit yourself to welcome new people in every moment of your life.

5. Discover Unknown Places:

We all know that new places and new religions bring motivation and inspire us in many ways. To enjoy your life in different and unique ways, you can explore any new area. You will appreciate and get inspired by new things that will encourage you to have fun in your life.

Moreover, you may learn about some new religions and cultures that can give you many possibilities to enjoy and live your life with joy.

6. Track your Time-Consuming Activities:

If you want to take time for some leisure activities, but can’t find out how you must check your whole schedule. Track all the activities which are consuming your time. We wonder how fast all the time of the day went. It is easy to end up a day doing many miscellaneous things.

So, make sure to indulge yourself in activities you are passionate about. Soon you will see a transformation in your lifestyle.

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Simple Steps To Take More Time for Yourself

Life is like a non-stop roller coaster! On this roller coaster, it becomes difficult to handle everything around us. Whether you are an adult or a teen, it becomes challenging to take time for yourself. Because of the pressure of work, school, or family, we can’t even see enough time to breathe well.

Well, even after so much workload and responsibilities, we will suggest you take some time for yourself in your hectic life. If you ignore these little things now in your life, it will cost you in the end and will reflect you on your bed. You will fall ill, start feeling low and then, unfortunately, you have to stop every work you do.

You need to take time for yourself concerning you and relating to your loved ones and those who need you in life phases. Here we have collected some steps for you, through which you can easily be able to take time for yourself.

1. Evenings with Yourself:

Plan some of your nights for yourself. Tell others that you are already having a plan if anyone comes to you for work. Enjoy yourself by practicing your favorite hobby, cooking, dancing, or even doing nothing. If you follow this step twice or thrice every week, you will found yourself healthy and peace in your mind.

2. Monthly Treat:

Once in a month, do something for you. Book an appointment for a spa treatment, movie, play your favorite game, or maybe do whatever you think for yourself. For this, you have to plan a schedule before the time so that you should not get anything between.

3. Explore the Guilt:

If you ever feel guilt or sorry for anything you did for someone, you can pen down it all on paper if you cannot open it up with them.

Never let your mind carried away with lots of feelings, guilt, or thoughts. Write down and ask some questions to yourself and try to figure out what is happening.

Remember that caring for yourself is necessary for you and who are connected with you. It is not only you on which the guilt or maintenance will be reflected. Each person around you will be influenced by the deeds you are doing. So, take care of yourself, and you will feel more energized and love for others.

4. Simplify:

When you are over-occupied outside in some of the other work, you can never find peace inside you. You will always be overwhelmed, distracted, and anxious towards the things and people around you. So, try to choose less work outside, and you will automatically get time for yourself.

Please find out the unnecessary things in your life and get rid of them as soon as possible. It will give you more freedom and awareness for yourself. Also, it will take you to the life and people you love the most. You will easily be able to do the work which you love to do.

5. Start Saying No:

Your time is undoubtedly only yours, and if you are still struggling to find it for yourself, then you need to say no to some things that are not worth it. No is a complete sentence in itself, so always keep your ‘no’ short and sweet. You can choose to explain it if you think it is needed, but still, keep it much more concise.

You can end it by saying thank you or sorry. Your short sentence in gratitude for saying no can be much better than a long explanation. It can express easily that how busy and sad you are for saying no.

6. Identify your Favorite Places:

Select some places where you love to stay alone, even for a long time. It would help if you also made sure that you have some spots where you can go immediately and relax even in an emergency. You may also love to sit in a park or maybe read or dance at any phase of the day. But if you have less time for yourself, then your bathroom or closet can also be the best place where you can feel good and alive.

Moreover, your favorite place or sanctuary doesn't need to be only a place where you can go; it can also be any activity you love to do or perform. It can be your favorite hobby, such as dancing, singing, writing, or playing. These things or places are required only to feel good and fill your heart with lots of feelings.

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